2012 in 12 photos

By Sergio González | 13:44

As the avalability of smartphones and tablets grow, our interest in high definition pictures is becoming more and more important, because a thousand words will never tell us as much as a picture. This comes directly from our evolution; when we lived in the wild, we only had one second to decide, based on our instincts, if the shadow in front of us meant a friend or a threat.

Images don’t need further explanations, they go straight to our minds and start moving and provoking our feelings and emotions in less than a minute. So, to sum up 2012, rather than writing an endless essay, let’s allow pictures to do the talking.

photo credit: DaveHolmes

Wikipedia closes it site on January 18th to protest against freedom of speech policies proposed by US Congress. Its example is widely followed and many countries, including UE, refuse such medieval measures. This might not be among the best photos of 2012, but it speaks volumes of the bright future of open source, which is enlightening.

photo credit: Peter G Trimming

“The Crown” public house in London, ready to celebrate Queen Elizabeth the Second of England 60th ruling anniversary on February the 6th, the Jubilee. Two months later, she turned 86.

photo credit: Stewart

First published in 1768, Encyclopedia Britannica faces its last printed version at the beginning of March 2012. The online world is complete now.

photo credit: adactio

The fourth version Edvard Munch painted for his famous The Scream in 1895 reaches the highest price for an auctioned painting at the end of April, almost $120 million. Now there’s another reason to scream.

photo credit: Dick Thomas Johnson

On May 26th , Tokyo Skytree open its restaurant and observation spots to the public, becoming the tallest tower in the world.

photo credit: Nasa Goddard Photo and Video

On 6 of June, we had the last chance to see the Transit of Venus in the 21st century. A rare phenomena when Venus moves in front of the sun, that happens in pairs of eight year lapse; last one occurred in 2004. Next? December 11, 2117. Unless you plan on living for a couple of centuries, enjoy this 2012 photo forever.

photo credit: Image editor

In July 2012, CERN proves for the first time after 50 years of theorizing the existence of the Higgs particle, a fundamental discovery that is going to lead to a new time in physics, allowing astounding improvements to society.

photo credit: DancesWithLight

2012 Summer Olympics are in full bloom in August in London; third time the city hosts the games. Also, the time swimmer M. Phelp becomes the most laureate athlete, with 22 medals in his power.

photo credit: Nasa Goddard Photo and Video

Launched in August, September 2012 is the time NASA’s Mars Curiosity started sending the first useful data back home. Blasting off for your next holidays is closer than ever.

photo credit: Alexandre Inagaki

Red Bull Stratos Jump in October 14th. Felix Baumgartner’s giant leap of faith (32 km, 24 miles) broke several records, including highest manned balloon, fastest free fall and he’s the only person to break sound barrier without a vehicle. This is definitevely among 2012 best photos, if not the best of them all. No more boundries for mankind!

photo credit: No Land too Foreign

November 2012, Palestine is recognized as a non-member observer state by UN.

photo credit: Michael C. Rael

21st December 2012 arrives and while the world holds its breath for our last standing moments, nothing happens. Instead, we get ready for a new 2013 sunrise, brighter and better.



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