5 Ways NH Hoteles is taking care of you

Hospitality is our industry and we really love taking care of our guests. Anyone who enjoys having people at home knows how awesome it makes you feel when your guests have a good time. According to Ipsos KAR auditing study (in Spanish), NH Hoteles is the best valued hotel chain in Spain (63%) and is also seen as the one to take best care of guests satisfaction (78%). So here are 5ways we want to thank you dear guest for trusting us night after night and year after year.

NH Hotels cares about the environment for you. Recycling, reusing and reducing are the three principles of it all, but let’s face it; they demand that little extra work from us that we are precisely looking to get away from during our holidays. We go ahead and update our systems to make them so efficient that if you want to have an extra long shower in your cool hotel bathroom or turn every light on is ok, we got you covered; our light-bulbs are efficiently eco-friendly and our intelligent water saving systems help preserve our scarce water resources.

NH Hoteles wants all of us to feel good. Respecting the environment and caring for our guests wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t live by the same principles inside NH family. We’ve been honored several years in a row with awards for our corporate responsability towards employees in Spain, where our main workforce resides, but also internationally -NH family is a very large one.

NH Hotels loves your foodie inside. Food in Spain is almost a sacred thing and our respect for a happy belly knows no limits. We take our time looking for the best chefs to offer you not just lunch and dinner but food experiences you can’t help but Instagram while thinking the party that’s about to start in your mouth. From new talented cooks to Michelin-starred chefs, the most passionate people are at NH kitchen working hard every day to make food taste like it deserves.


NH knows that we should all live healthier. While staying with us is a very good time to start breaking some bad habits and beginning the good ones. You have easy access to complete gyms and fitness center, beautiful swimming-pools and state-of-the-art spas and all sorts of massages and beauty treatments that will help you feel better. We also believe we should all feed ourselves the best we can, not only the yummiest, but also the healthiest. Freshly squeezed juices, vegan options or Antiox breakfast are some of the many cool ways you can take care while staying with us.

NH Hotels believes that feeling connected matters. And that feeling unplugged sucks. Traveling abroad is an awesome experience until you realize you’ll only be using your phone at coffee shops with free wi-fi. You could actually buy the whole place with the money it would cost to use your home plan abroad. But we know that staying in touch with folks when traveling is in order -‘Yes, I arrived safe and sound’. So we thought you should have free wi-fi when staying with us, not just in the lobby or the restaurant but in your own room. To text home the awesome day you had or have a look at the map to see what you’re doing next.