6 online cooking shows you wish you knew earlier

By Sergio González | 12:09

Using tablets to watch cooking shows in the kitchen is one of the reasons to buy one

Foodies need inspiration and assuming you already worship Jamie Oliver, here are the best online cooking shows you are missing.

Nobody knows how people used to make it without YouTube but nowadays it’s just the perfect source for recipes. It’s cool and nice to read them, but who has the time? Videos are short, funnier and easier to follow. Set your tablet on the counter and tap play while turning on the stoves. Multitasking is in order for cooking.

Video is simply the best way to learn how to cook because you see how things are supposed to look during the process, not just some pro fancy presentation shot. 

Food Wishes is perfect for those newbies who want to try their best but still order food 5 times a week because in its huge video list you can find everything, from how to make your own cheese to the best tips for pizza leftovers. The hand behind Food Wishes, chef John, is huge in YouTube and to him we own unveiling the secrets of the almighty cronut.

Our attempts for a healthier better cooking usually start with dinner, after a long day of work so some comedy won’t hurt.

If you can, don’t miss The Fabulous Baker Brothers (Channel 4); the guys are funny, and make fresh and easy recipes. They also teach very interesting information on how to buy best. What to look for in a fish to make sure it’s fresh or what piece of meat is best grilled or stewed. Obviously, you’ll learn a lot about bread too.

You love cooking but not following rules? You never make a recipe the same way because you are bold, sexy and adventurous? Show me the Curry is the channel you always wanted to find. Jannu and Anuja, two moms from Texas that are blending traditional Indian cuisine with American products and flavors love cook jamming.  They say that great chefs are not born, they are created through a journey of trials and errors. 100k subscribers thinks these self-taught cooks are nailing it.

The greatest thing of YouTube is that there’s a place for everybody, and the oddest yet cutest cooking channel is Great Depression Cooking. Yes, these are youtube recipes from the times food was scarce and imagination had to cover the lack of quality. It’s truly interesting for historical foodie but the best thing about this channel is the blogger, Clara; she is a charming super grandma that recently turned 96.

OnePotChefShow is perfect because it keeps it real. I want to learn some cooking not some washing up, so getting a good meal in just one pot is brilliant. Again, many recipes to choose among but OnePotChefShow is all about trendy and fresh, easy-to-cook food. Quick meals and short straight-to-the-point videos.

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