Are you an efficient traveler?

By Sergio González | 11:06

Travel technology is making the world a real global village

Traveling rocks. Some studies even point out that traveling feels more rewarding than buying things. We need no expert to know by heart that experiences are the real value, not possessions. And the Internet and the ceaseless new travel technology keeps making it possible for us to get even more value out of every trip

As important as other fellow travelers’ reviews are during the decision making process, prices will also be determinant. However, once you’ve searched for traveling deals online several times, you realize that there are a couple of truths written in stone: there are more information than what you can process and it’s usually cheaper to book directly with the airline, hotel or restaurant. Or is it?

Human behavior no longer shifts in decades, but rather in months, and if the new Tingo web site, part of TripAdviosr, follows through with their new booking system, we could be soon talking of a new trend.

Tingo has come with an idea like no other currently in the market, setting the pricing difference issue for good. Booking with Tingo means once you’ve made your reservation, its engine will keep on looking for the best price and will automatically lower it. All you have to do is wait for the e-mail bringing you the good news. Keep an eye on Tingo.

Tourism is one of the most pollutant industries, so we will all appreciate your concern when traveling. Consider sharing your car rides for more efficient traveling and go by train if you have the chance. When possible, book with a green company and make use of the eco-friendly facilities and services. If you are vacationing on an island, you should totally enjoy it on a bike.

Get to know your departures. Some airports make you feel like an international offender and others force you through endless shopping lines, IKEA style. However, others like Changi in Singapore (SIN), Incheon in Seoul (ICN) or Barajas in Madrid (MAD) are designed for passengers. Open green gardens, efficient inspiring designs, fine bars and restaurants, free Wi-Fi and friendlier airport staff make these the layovers you want to consider. It even goes further, and airports as destinations is one of the traveling trends 2013 has brought.


Rmemeber these travel gadgets? Only for the nostalgic traveler

Being an efficient traveler in the air means working for many business people, but we should consider it the other way round. Where and when but flying do you get so much time for yourself? Plenty of time to chill, catch up on your reading and lose it with all the sweet treats you can only get in the air. 

However, though solo traveling is becoming a a popular thing, it doesn’t mean single travelers like being isolated. Technology is embracing social media and sites like Flights with Friends or airlines like KLM and others let their passengers choose whom to sit with by linking their FB or LinkedIn profiles. Isn’t traveling all about living experiences and meeting new people?

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