Are you ready to party?

By Sergio González | 11:16

Dance away home mundanity with this year’s summer parties: casual Ios island, fancy Marbella or trendy Berlin. Pick your style and make sure your ‘mojitos’ are prepared with limes and not lemons if you don’t want all your holiday pics ruined by your crying lemon jaw.

We don’t know about you, but most of us would say that when on holidays the mood is set for everything: from endless dancing with friends until sunrise is magical-Mediterranean cove, fresh fruit cocktail in hand. Top it off with a fresh fish dinner over the sea in-between for a perfect holiday night.

Whether you believe in vortices and ley lines or you just prefer the awesome benefits of sunbathing during the day and dancing the night away by a beautiful beach, there are some spots in Southern Europe that feel this different. No stress or problems are allowed –things run slowly though. But, hey, you’re on holidays anyway. 

The Greek Island of Ios is one of these high energy spots with tons of parties taking place all along this tiny piece of land in the Aegean Sea.

Super relaxed and casual ambiance; parties here start in the evening so just a quick shower to get the sand off–of our brand new tanned skin- and throwing on the first thing you grab is perfect etiquette.

Travelers and international party goers –yes, that’s a thing- come to Ios to have fun and chill, and it catches on the atmosphere. They say the vibes are so good  that nobody wants to leave for home -no judging if you don’t happen to move like Jagger or are trying the cool-festival look too hard.

However, sometimes you just want to dress up and look astounding, enjoying the finest life you can get. It’s legit to crave for a cocktail so lavish and delicious you are almost afraid of drinking and international trendy DJs playing your new favorite tunes in a designer club by the beach.

But it would be nothing without your friends, the best part of it all. Get them to Marbella to wear the best clothes, taste the refreshing drinks and rock hard at the trendiest clubs, filled with beautiful people. Wait till you see the sun rays rising up over the polished-white yachts in Puerto Banús

Berlin is always a hot destination, and as for party trend-setters and followers it’s an absolute must once again. If you haven’t gone partying in Berlin you should immediately put an end to that horrible situation because you are missing some amazing memories with your best friends.

Paris and London earned the I’ll-always-be-cool title a long time ago but right now, the bursting icon of modernity and free spirit in Europe is Berlin: art coffee shops –both mainstream and underground, cool designer terraces over River Spree and even better quarters where to pull off your trendiest boho-chic look this summer.

Photo credit: Quinn Drombowski

Photo credit: John Morgan


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