Are you the ultimate 2.0 traveller?

By Sergio González | 15:33

nhows are a beacon of modernity, of the latest in art and technology, they have been created for you, 21st century traveller.

Social media and hyper connectivity can be regarded as the second time mankind has learnt how to master fire; that paramount is the change in our lives. We can see how it’s reshaping everything, but tourism has been particularly reinvented through millions of apps, social media and travel blogs like this one. It’s a whole new world out there you should explore. So, are you a modern-day traveller?

Modern-day travellers seek experiences and inspiration, and they usually get them when using the whole 2.0 potential. Good travelling memories make us eager to do it more often, so we look for a better deal when booking flights and accommodation. Airline and hotel apps are the way to go for people who want to travel several times a year; where else would you get better prices? That’s connectivity!

Sailing off in a quest to live awesome experiences comes along meeting interesting and different people that will help us grow as human beings. Travellers nowadays want to connect; after all, the reason behind friending somebody online is to meet them IRL.

Apps and social media used to share flights with other fellow travellers are blooming, and so are carpooling and ride-sharing ones. We want to meet new people since the very beginning of the journey, but we also hope to mingle among locals and learn a bit from them. Nobody knows better a city than people living there. The best restaurants, cafés or the best time to visit this or do that -not to mention bargain shopping. If you haven’t done it already, it’s time you leave printed travel guides behind and move on to local tips apps.


nhow architects and designers measured up to the high standards of eco-friendliness that NH set as a group back in 2008, resulting in green buildings that blend with the environment instead of owning it. That’s another feature of modern travellers: visiting doesn’t mean spoiling.

Our travelling has become more aware of the toll it imposes over the environment. Take only memories and leave only footprints is a common slogan for the many kinds of sustainable tourism out there. While nhows are obviously valued as creative tourism destinations -Berlin is #1 for design in UNESCO Creative Cities Network– they are also the right decision for eco-tourists who don’t want to spoil locals’ resources while visiting.

So, do you use social media and apps to book your vacations and connect with other travellers and locals? Do you want to live passionate experiences and find inspiration but still be respectful? Welcome to the 21st century!

photo credit: fiddloak

photo credit: PilotGirl

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