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By Sergio González | 10:31

Rabbit Beach, voted best beach in the world in 2013

Here we are once again, at the beginning of another summer faced with deciding if we should be hitting a cool trendy beach or looking for the one that got away, that piece of warm sand that -almost- nobody knows. Both can be equally hard to find so we will try to help you decide with our top beaches selection for 2013 summer. Already got yours?

Let’s have a look at what other fellow travelers have chosen as the best beaches in 2013.

This 2013, Rabbit Beach in Sicily holds the honor of being the best beach in the world according to millions of trip advisors. Rabbit Beach is in Isola dei Conigli (Rabbit Island), a small piece of sand in The Pelagie, a tiny archipelago facing the South coast of Sicily.

Yes, it sounds pretty isolated and that’s one of the reasons for this sandy beach to be the best. Unbelievable crystal clear turquoise water aside, it’s part a natural reserve, one of the few places in the Mediterranean where turtles still nest. Dolphins and seals are also common in the area.

But don’t despair, you can reach Lampedusa, the largest island of the archipelago (4,500 inhabitants according to Wikipedia) from Sicily and once there get a boat to Rabbit Beach.

CNN thinks Rabbit Beach is good but not the best. Its staff has picked Grand Anse Beach in Seychelles as the top one. The little island of La Digue also boasts Tripadvisor’s best African beach. It’s also where the guys of National Geographic take the best pictures.

So far, all these beaches are either isolated or virgin. No matter how good our manners may be at the beach, we like to keep the sea, sand and sea thing just for ourselves. And they are all in islands.

If we peek at Forbes’ America’s Top beaches of 2013, things start to change as they vote for Main Beach in The Hamptons as the best. A shared liking with Discovery.

Grand Anse Beach in Sheychelles, second best beach in the world

Millions visit Spain just for the beaches and a great deal of this sun enthusiasts come from the United Kingdom so it seems right to learn about what they believe to be the best beach in Spain. According to these British travelers asked by The Guardian the best beaches of Spain are in Cadiz, in the Atlantic Southern coast.

If we want to know what the Brits think about their own coastline, Bournemouth is still top of the ‘dune‘.

Cadiz is not an island, but it’s a protected land, ribboned by several natural parks and reserves of unique wildlife in Europe. There are lots of incredible long sandy beaches in Cadiz: El Palmar, Valdevaqueros, Bolonia, Conil…and we strongly recommend you to see them all because every single one has something special. Book a whole week and rent a bike to join the local passion for sports. Top surf destinations around and perfect waters for diving; warm and full of colorful sea life.

Cadiz beaches are the best ones in the world for British travelers

Being a protected area means there are not tons of tourists in Cadiz beaches but also makes it’s harder to find fine accommodation. At NH we have always been in love with these golden jewels and we can offer you the best places to stay. We boast three luxury resorts in the coast of Cadiz, with all the facilities and services you expect in up-scale accommodation, from the best beaches and golf courses in the area to king size beds and scrumptious seafood from local markets. And, as always, free Wi-Fi, for you to make everybody jealous with the cool pictures you’ll take.

If you are to step it up a notch, don’t miss dreaming at NH Castellar, a beaufitul Andalusian cortijo (country house) designed by prestigious architect Thomas Urquijo.

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