Best fitness apps? More than calorie counters

By Sergio González | 10:07

Calorie counter app

What makes Fitness Pal one of the best fitness apps in its community? Very supportive and active, you will always find someone facing the same challenges that you do. When commited to a huge weight loss, every nutritionist agrees that support is the key to achieve your goal.

Fitness Pal features a free calorie counter in a very intutive interface. Divided by meals, you have to add anything you’ve taken so you can keep an accurated record of your habits. It remembers previous enteries saving time -most of us have the same breakfast everyday- and has a huge database including worldwide meals and junk food restaurant updates.

MyFitnessPal is more than just about weight loss, it’s about doing it the healthy way” a happy user comments.

Motion traxx radio should be high in the podium of best fitness apps. Unlike others offering video tutorials, MTR app is the perfect match to your chosen work out. Whether you love smashing your muscles in the gym, walking or running this app has the perfect music for you.

You just have to select the BPM –beats per minute– that go with your cardio intensity to mark your pace. Don’t waste more time deciding what music to upload to your smartphone. This app had bad reviews at first because of the loading time but after some bug fixing and price dropping to $0.99, it has become very popular since “it motivates me to run and exercise”, according to user polls.

Beat Burn is in the same line, also offering to add your own music to the track listing you’ll be listening. It offers a control panel where you set the distance, altitude and incline of your walk so it will switch the music pace to the ground trodden, providing an easy way to cope with your interval training. Only available for Apple devices.

Used to travel a lot but still you want to keep eating healthy no matter where you are? Try Goodfoodnearyou.

Even the best fitness apps need your commitment to work out

Nutrition facts are crystal clear: if you intake more than you burn, you gain weight. And if you don’t keep track, you don’t really know where the flaws are. That’s why calorie counters have become essential in fitness training and weight loss.

Loseit is a great way to make it. Add your meals, your work-outs and let it offer you extensive data and charts about what you’re doing and how to do it in a healthier way.

If you’re looking for an app to help you with what exercise to do next or when, FitnessBuilder is for you. It has tons of fitness plans and videos of working out programs and exercises.

It’s the most complete fitness app, designed by fitness figures and by users as well; you can add yours and share them if you’ve moved from the beginner level. Graphics and metrics of your body fat loss or goal progessions make it even cooler. What isn’t it? $ 9.99 for an app is not exactly a bargain but if you’re commited to your body it will surely pay off.

If you’re more into softer ways of keeping fit, why not following the guidance of master Deepak Chopra? His Authentic Yoga app offers tutorials, a comprehensive tour of yoga and advise from the man considered by Forbes as the last guru of modern times.

For Olympics enthusiasts, check out the London 2012 Paralympics app with schedules, results and prompting news.







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