Best photo apps to bring out the photographer in all of us!

By Sergio González | 11:15
Photo app sharing, Paris

Photo app sharing, Paris

We might love sharing our thoughts and feelings on social media platforms, but if we look at Pinterest statistics, millions of unique visitors are learning about it each month which means 2012 has left us with a growing interest in photography. 

All odds point to the fact that you probably you have a smartphone -you actually may be reading this post on it- and no one can deny their capability that to take, show and share HD images, which is one of the coolest features they have.

No best photo app list would dare start without mentioning Instagram, or would it? Several days ago New York Post released an article –based on statics from Appdata– showing how the new policies of the last Facebook acquisition -for a bargain of $1 billion dollars- had cost the apps the loss of 4 million daily users, around a quarter of the total amount.

The guys at Techcrunch researched a little more, and found out that despite this debacle, weekly and monthly users are growing at a rapid speed, the loss due to seasonal decline and referral traffic from Twitter. Christmas holidays over, and policy revision is under work, proving Instagram is back on track. Who can’t resist its cool retro style? Hasn’t it kick started the comeback  of Polaroids?

Instagram competitors didn’t rest on its laurels and we have quite a few retro-look apps to allow nostalgia in our smartphones. Nexvio has developed 8mm Vintage Camera, including video filming for less than two bucks, which performs astoundingly in the new iPhone and iPad cameras.

You’ve measured lighting, checked the frame and told everybody to smile but still, the photo doesn’t match your liking; that’s what PS Express -Photoshop app- is for. The free version includes enough cool features to make it worth downloading but if you want the super reduce-noise tool for a celebrity look, it will cost you around $5. 

One of the worst things of many of them, whether iPhone or Android photo apps, is the time it takes them to launch and be ready to use; this tends to happen with so many cool features included. But life is fast and so is the moment which could slip by as you open your favourite photo app. If you don’t want this to ever happen to you again, there are some app designers that had you in mind.

There are some for us to choose (around $2) but the best are Fast Camera and Quick Camera, both allowing HD footage as you open the app. Fast Camera developers claim it can take more than 700 pictures per minute so there’s no chance your Facebook friends will lose their toddler’s first steps again.

Instagram screenshot

iPhone photo apps or Android photo apps? whether your call, like and share!

Sharing is as important as filming –does a camera click if no one is around to hear it?– and most can do so, but maybe Viddy is leading them all as it’s free and integrated with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Don’t let the secret out!

Along the same lines, most photo apps come with frames and easy funny editing -actually it seems the same 40 designs repeated on and on. Try them and choose, but give Touchnote Postcards a chance. It does what it says, it send your photos as nostalgic postcards. 

Besides this, there are some photo apps that help us with everyday smartphone photographer problems. Want an app to bypass unsteady hands? Auto Remote Camera Lite, for free, allows you to place you camera anywhere and control it via blue-tooth. Have you ever managed to take a group picture where everybody was looking, at least, ok? Try “magic” Group Shot. It’s magic because somehow, after taking several group pictures, you can tap the “wrong” face and the app will look for the better version that fits the collective picture. Pretty awesome because it works.

These are some of the coolest and most useful apps that we can find nowadays both for Android and iPhone but as you know the app market changes so quickly that we’d better be watching it regularly if we want to make the best photographer out of ourselves. Enjoy and share!

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