Bird’s eye view! The art behind aerial photography

By Sergio González | 12:23

Chances are that if you’re reading this post you live in a city, as most of us do. It’s also quite possible you love visiting other major cities as soon as you have some free time. Who doesn’t enjoy a weekend break in Berlin, London or New York? Once you’re there, obviously some pics will find its way into your social networks. All odds are that you’ll be keeping the Leaning Tower of Pisa from falling or that you’ll be asking your friends to get you a picture next to a Beefeater at the Tower of London.

Why don’t be creative and instead of bothering our friends with the same old photos we try something different? Aerial photography is beautiful and easier than you may have anticipated if you follow some simple rules. Get inspired with these spectacular photos while you learn some aerial photography tips on the way.

It’s important to shoot in the right season. Winter scenes look beautiful from the ground because snow reshapes reality, but you miss that from the air. To get a good aerial photography during winter time, focus on particularly interesting mountains or large man made buildings

Don’t get mad if the day you planned your aerial photography shooting rises cloudy because clouds can help you balance the light and can be good subjects if you follow the Rule of the Thirds. Take into account that sun light behaves differently depending on your position towards the horizon; keep the sun behind you at sunrise or sunset shootings. Check this out to learn the right techniques for aerial photography.


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Since you live in a city, all odds are that you love it as much as you hate it. Need of relaxation and getting away from urban stress is pointed out as our main reason to travel. Whether you’re planning a trip to some exotic land or need a five minute’s break from work, come with us to have a look at what you can achieve if you get your aerial photography equipment with you to some of the most beautifully wild places on Earth.





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