Boost your inner balance with anti-stress food

Eating is one of the best ways to boost your inner balance -exercising, being nice to other people or spending some time alone with your thoughts are the other means to achieve such an estate of wellbeing, where nothing is too high nor too low, just perfect.

To begin with eating your way out of stress, listen to your body. We can never be amazed enough to know how efficient our body is so it shouldn’t come to your surprise our system is able to let us know exactly what  foods we need. It even tells expecting moms what they must have for the baby to fully develop -we call them cravings, but it’s nature making sure everything is alright.

Evolution has performed this and other amazing features but we’ve been fooling our taste buds with artificial flavors for so many years that they have become a little numb and they keep asking for chicken nuggets with a loud voice while our body whispers for a carrot. Listen to your body not your taste buds.

There are many anti-stress foods out there to help you feel happy, it’s all about eating the right hormone triggers, but we should also look at how and when we are having those meals. 

Skipping breakfast is a horrible idea as much as it is to fret between meals. Our body has been consuming nutrients during the night, repairing our tissues and producing new cells so by the time we wake up, it’s starving. Make sure your breakfast includes some dairy, carbs and fruit

In most countries, the eating custom is just about 3 meals along the day but ideally we should be having 5 to 6 lighter intakes, more evenly spread. Take some almonds or pistachios with you to work and have some in the middle of the morning. Their unsaturated fat, fiber and vitamins will help you deal even with the Johnson account. If you need an energy boost, forget that extra large cup of fancy-coffee-name that will only increase your blood pressure and eat an apple or some blueberries, whose vitamins activate our alert system. 

You should try to keep dinner as light as you can but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Asparagus are very rich in folic acid -commonly known as vitamin B9- which is essential for serotonin production, one of the hormones of happiness. The whole vitamin B family is actually a mood leveler so grilled tuna with green asparaguses can make the right supper. Try white asparaguses with hard boiled eggs and a simple vinaigrette as dressing for the perfect summer dinner. 

For the carnivores, anti-stress foods are a friendly zone because beef is very rich in minerals and the kind of vitamin B our bodies can’t produce by themselves. Look for clean beef cuts to keep animal fat at bay. 

Wine -the redder, the better- it’s not only a life extender but it can also reduce stress acting as a depressor for the nervous system. Of course, if you overdose it can really depress your system and you along with it. Just one glass with dinner is what you are looking for so try getting the best wine you can afford. 

Anti-stress foods work but they are not like pills so don’t expect immediate effects. To eat your way out of stress, you should be having these foods on a regular basis. Do it for some weeks and once you’ve checked the great results on yourself you’ll be trying to spread the word. 

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