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By Sergio González | 10:43

One of the best things about Spring is that Summer is around the corner but if you can’t wait until the summer solstice to happen, you can ‘provoke’ it by travelling to the Tropics and getting your summer under way.

Actually it would be great if you feel like a getaway because right now it’s the perfect time to be in the Caribbean. High season is about to end as it gets warmer in the temperate zone of the planet and tourists search for local beaches -with lower prices in this region-, and hurricane season won’t start until August making the weather ideal to see Cuba, the Dominican Republic and the rest of The Antilles.

Fueled by thousands of legends, novels, Hollywood movies, our own imagination and History itself, The Caribbean shows itself as a land of adventure and mystery, of fantastic treasures hidden 50 steps north from one certain palm (don’t worry, there’ll be a cross painted on the sand pointing the exact location) and maybe your sole chance to meet Captain Sparrow, or even Johnny Depp.

View of Porlamar and the Valley, pure Spanish Caribbean

Isla Margarita, in front of Venezuela’s shore, has been elected by Tripadvisor users as Traverler’s Choice 2013 as one of the top 10 islands you don’t want to miss in South America and it will totally fit your idea of paradise: green high mountains, sun-kissed beaches and deep blue turqoise waters. And yes, also great night life, water sports and the time off we all deserve and need.

One of the first travelers ever to fall for this island was Christopher Columbus. As one of the first Europeans to arrive there, he named the island and founded a settlement, though he didn’t stay out of the endless white sandy beaches or local hospitality. If you speak Ancient Greek you may already know why; Isla Margarita means isle of the pearls.

Pearls grow outstandingly in these warm and clean waters and it’s one of the island’s main attractions. Allow yourself some time to watch the traditional free diving that rescues these jewels from the sea or to go shopping in Porlamar or La Asunción, the largest cities. Isla Margarita is a duty-free port so you may want to save some free space in your suitcase because prices will be hard to resist.

Anyway, bragging so much about this new rich island wasn’t Christopher’s wisest move. With such an appealing name, pirates visited Isla Margarita quite often so islanders built walls and fortresses to defend themselves from Red Legs Greaves and others. They also built up magnificent examples of religious colonial architecture to pray God for more pearls and a chillier life.

If you get tired of sunbathing and lazily drinking mojitos by the sea, try a trip to see the Basilica of Virgen del Valle, a very important saint in Venezuela whose celebrations run for days every September 8th, or Santa Rosa Castle.

Hesperia del Agua, just relax

Isla Margarita is actually a group of islands and the two main ones are connected by a blue lagoon in La Restinga National Park, pure Caribbeann virgin landscape that is worth a one-day-hiking trip. Get a local guide and sail off the lagoon or go birdwatching into the mangroove jungle. 

Hesperia Isla Margarita golf course, listed as top-things-to-do in Tripadvisor

And if you want some more action, try the golf course at Hesperia Isla Margarita (listed as one of the main things to do on the island). You could also go practise some windsurf or water-skiing but these are Caribbean holidays so just chill and enjoy. And if you truly want be unplugged from everyday monotony, visit us in Hesperia Playa del Agua hotel, a huge yet cute resort with eight pools, three restaurants, five bars and lots of sports facilities to choose among. Choosing among lobster or lamb for dinner or whether to enjoy the Latin dance night shows or spend some private time laying by your own spot at the beach will be your biggest problems to worry about in the Caribbean.  Do you have any trips planned? 


Photo credit: danbri

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