Celebrity style holidays

By Sergio González | 10:21

Have your celebrity style holidays in Lake Como to be surrounded by living stars

We look at them, we can’t help it and we like it; we all do. Celebrity types range as much as human kind, in every field you can perform outstandingly and become noticeable, so there’s one for every liking.

Some part of the audience is interested in their romances, looks, and outfits while some others yearn to drive their Italian custom-made rides, but we all have something in common.

We look at them because we know they wear, eat and enjoy the best stuff that can be found in our world so they surely choose the best destinations for their beach and sun holidays.

These are the five hot European spots were you can find the celebrity style holidays of your dreams.

Italy holds uncountable wonders and maybe a lifetime wouldn’t be enough to see it all but celebrities have it pretty clear: Alps lakes and Amalfi Coast.

Up in the North, Lake Como and Lake Garda are chosen by the most classy celebrities looking for private resorts and manors in the sophisticated environment of the Italian Alps. A soft summer out of the mainstream and the chance to ski in the nearby exclusive resorts during winter have turned many Hollywood stars like George Cloony or Sir Michael Caine interested in the local real estate market.

Amalfi Coast is preferred by celebrities willing to look bothered by all the attention by the media and other surprised tourists. The popular shore near Naples has been a jet-set destination since Golden Hollywood and a known gold mine for paparazzi so whether they want to see and be seen or enjoy the fabulous island of Capri despite the bugs, Rihanna and the Beckham’s are regular visitors.

The island of Ibiza and the village of St. Tropez in France are what you may expect in a summer destination for club loving celebrities: the coolest bars and discos on Earth and a continuous runway of models, young TV broadcasters and their sports stars’ boyfriends.

If you’re a young star -or you feel like one- and want to dance to the best dj’s music all night long and overcome the hangover with champagne and caviar on a yacht anchored by a lovely Mediterranean cove, these are for you.

Last summer we could see actress and singer Kym Warsh or the champion of 2012 Tour de France Bradly Wiggings enjoying a relaxing getaway on Marbella beaches in Southern Spain.

Costa del Sol is chosen every year by film stars Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith to spend the summer but the large white beaches and warm waters of Marbella have been attracting all sorts of artists such as Velazquez, Picasso or Hemingway for a long time. The arrival of politician families like Obama’s or King Fadh of Saudi Arabia court always cause a huge stir in Marbella.

Cabo San Lucas is a gold mine for celebrity news media

American film and TV stars -worlwide stars after all- divide themselves among three summer destinations close to their main working locations in LA and New York.

Cabo San Lucas, at the very Southern point of Baja California Peninsula in Mexico, is becoming a regular spot to shoot Jessica Simpson or Jessica Alba having dinner in the charming marina. Once a little village of fishermen, worldwide interest in Cabo San Lucas is so intense that soon it will overcome Cancún and Acapulco as Mexico’s first destination.

By the Atlantic shore, Kim Kardashian shares a camera with JLo, The Estefan’s and other Latin celebrities who enjoy a little taste from home in the ever trendy and busy Miami Beach and Palm Springs.

If you want a more flashy destination, chosen by those who resist to appear in celebrity news, go up North and pass New York until you reach The Hamptons, Carrie Bradshaw’s choice.

The most unreachable stars such as Nicole Kidman or Sharon Stone fly lots of hours to get lost in the islands of the Pacific Ocean. The heavenly beaches of Fiji and Bora Bora are the ultimate destinations for those who want the most exclusive privacy on their own private isles.

Photo Credit: David Spender

Photo Credit: Lisa Andres


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