Christmas for Everyone 2012

By Courtney Imel | 12:42

Christmas for Everyone collection point at NH Prisma, Madrid

At NH Hoteles we believe that there is no better gift than the gift of giving and for that reason we have made Christmas for Everyone an annual holiday tradition – a global solidarity project forming part of the Social Action Up! for the People initiative. Every year we have invited  all of our employees to donate toys and non-perishable food items to help the most disadvantaged specially during Christmas time. 

Due to the current economic  and social situation in Spain, we have decided to go a step further by extending the solidarity campaign to  clients and residents, so they can make their donations. For this purpose we have chosen Red Cross Spain as our preferred NGO because of its action plan in the crisis helping people in situations of extreme vulnerability and its current involvement with us in various Social Action projects. Christmas for Everyone is part of the Social Action line Up! For Volunteering, which enhances employee engagement, identifies opportunities and promotes a number of volunteering projects.

Christmas for Everyone gifts collected at the NH Hoteles central offices in Madrid, Spain

We are excited to announce that the campaign has been widened to five hotels in Madrid and Barcelona, to extend our solidarity network and involve  our customers and residents as well.  The NH Eurobuilding, NH Príncipe de Vergara and NH Prisma in Madrid and the NH Constanza and NH Podium in Barcelona will be the collection points for food and toys where both customers and residents in each of the hotel neighborhoods who want to contribute to this Christmas for Everyone campaign can bring their donations. There will also be signs outside to encourage people to enter and collaborate, plus simple collection boxes at the reception 

NH Hoteles wants everyone to enjoy Christmas, especially those who need it the most. With your help we can achieve a Merry  Christmas for all! Will you join us? 


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