Coolest office designs! Jealous?

By Sergio González | 11:23

We don’t need any paper telling us that plants, wise decoration, enough work-space or sunlight have great benefits on us but it’s cool to remember science backs us up just in case we want to talk about it with our boss. If you need some extra support, remind him or her that a happy worker is an efficient worker. Meanwhile, here are some of the coolest offices in the world.

Pinterest office in San Francisco is a mid-way between a work-place and a trendy cafeteria. Designed to remind you of an open loft where ideas can flow freely, it also has break rooms where you wish you could stay after work enjoying a late latte with friends or catch up on your readings on that comfy couch.

How do you picture Google offices? It seems that such a tech giant should boast neat, minimal offices where straight lines, glass and metal take control of office design, shouldn’t it? Google offices in London, Moscow or Zurich are an ode to color and inspiring atmospheres. White furniture is not a thing here where Baroque padding walls and toile de Jouy live along retro common rooms and playgrounds for big children who still know how to play.

Everything surrounding Apple has become so secret that soon we could see it as a synonym in any thesaurus, and so are their offices. If you do some research about the best offices in the world, soon you realize there are many rumors, ideas and guessings about Apple offices but nothing really solid. Anyway, the best gossip points to smooth, white rooms with the bare minimum furniture to be operative and lots of open space to gather around.

However, the big deal with Apple is Apple Campus II, where its proud 14,200 workers are ensured to meet a 22nd-century work-space in Cupertino, California. Designed by Norman Foster, it will be a 3-million sq ft campus in the shape of a ring that according to Steve Jobs “architect students will come here to see”. After the due delays in every large building project, it’s now supposed to start operating in mid-2016.

LEGO offices in Denmark are among the coolest offices in the world. High ceilings and white walls allow tons of sunlight to brighten up the best Scandinavian furniture and positive thinking. A decoration ready to fit also the most colorful liking with funny blue coaches, a yellow shelf here and there or an AC pipe that turns out to be a slide. Besides, employees are encouraged to play with the LEGO products around them every day.

Abercrombie & Fitch is the all American clothing company and their Headquarters in Ohio are accordingly traditional yet chic; it’s a fashion company after all. Design by Anderson Architects, A&F Campus is set among forests and grassy meadows and it’s organized as a little wooden village. The central common building is a huge modern barn with a certain industrial touch. Cute and edgy buildings connected by small meeting rooms and storage areas complete the scene. The architects wanted a workplace “that promotes interaction and innovation”.

It won’t be easy to engage your boss into building one of these multimillion dollar projects but you can start upgrading your work-space by simply adding a living plant and keeping it clear so your mind can be focused. By the way, there’s a Japanese study that allows us to make our dearest pet look awesome as the wallpaper on our office computer; it reads watching pics of cute puppies improves cognitive performance. Then again, thank you science!

To find out more about office design don’t miss this website entirely tributed to the coolest offices on earth:

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Photo credit: Apple, Inc.


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