Dance the day away along nhow Berlin

By Sergio González | 10:17

Music is the first art we “discover” as kids and one we can enjoy fully, with all our senses. Whether you’re up for some quiet listening or feeling like dancing the day away, here are the top 3 live concerts at nhow Berlin!

nhow Berlin stands out for its blunt architecture and bold design, but its music is what makes this hotel one of a kind. nhow Berlin is placed in the new Berlin, right in the middle of a recording studio cluster and trendy bars with live music every night: Universal and MTV studios are around the corner, and so is the O2 World.

Percival, for most of us, was one of King Arthur’s knights, but for German viewers and worldwide fans of the show “The Voice” he is also a matchless singer. Percival nailed it with his redemption of “Tears of Jupiter” during the blind auditions for the show in 2011, but this Texan had been working in the music business for many years along people like Jamiroquai, Alanis Morissette or Skunk Anansie, who had great influence on his performing style.

nhow Berlin has two recording studios, designed by Music GmbH and René Rennefeld, from legendary Hansa studios. These recording studios are top of the hill, but what makes nhow Berlin so attractive and interesting to world-class musicians is the Music Ground Floor.

Skin is the lead singer’s stage name of British band Skunk Anansie, whose powerful voice makes the band sound so unique and easy to recognize. However, under Skin’s strong role there’s a lot more. Did you know that Deborah Ann Dyer is an interior designer and that she majored with an honorary degree? Passion and excellence for music and design; no wonder why Skunk Anansie’s live concert at nhow Berlin was so amazing!

Deborah is the voice of a generation and one of the top Britrock bands. Skunk Anansie were with us at the beginning of Winter and we would like to rock it away enjoying these incredible guys once again. Listen to Skunk Anansie if you are travelling to a cold destination, but get ready because Spring is -fingers crossed- here.

Whether he took his stage name from his shaggy hair or not, the Jamaican-born reggae-pop musician Shaggy taught us that life can be bombastic in 1995, when Levi’s used it for a popular commercial. Since then, “Angel” or “It wasn’t me” have made his music the perfect match for summer-time and the feeling that comes along. Have a look at the good vibes from Shaggy’s concert at nhow Berlin in August 2012; he covered Cindy Lauper’s “Girls Wanna Have Fun”!


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