Dreaming of a white sand Christmas? Chase the winter sun!

By Sergio González | 11:15
Hula Santa Xmas figure

Wanna join Santa on some exotic Xmas holiday destination?

Does just hearing the word snow creep you out? Do you cringe when thinking of Minnesota or Sweden in January?  If you think holidays are meant to be enjoyed in flip-flops and not in scarves and wool-hats, read about these exotic holiday destination suggestions

The Fiji Islands are currently living the tropical summer and in full bloom, waiting for all the European and American frozen penguins -otherwise known as us- to receive a flower lei as they land.

More than 300 volcanic islands of endless sandy beaches surrounded by  the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean, friendly and warm people and abundance of delicious fresh food are the credentials of a Fijian paradise.

Visiting Fiji during Christmas time has another enchantment: food. Fijian Christmas is not about decoration, why bother to decorate what nature has shaped into perfection, so food is the focus. Local potatoes, coconuts and fish -tons and tons of fish- are the essentials of Fijian cuisine, which is defined by its delicious freshness and gentle easy cooking in lovos, open ovens on the ground.

As it is customary to many marine and coastal peoples, the Fijians still gather around a communal house to meet and catch up. During the holidays, relatives and friends perform for each other the traditional Fijian meke, a story-telling dance, popular in many surrounding islands as well.  Don’t worry, they also think of us and there are show for tourists!

A 24 hours flight till a lost paradise may not be appealing or affordable to everybody but there are closer cheaper-to-reach locations, still perfect for your exotic Xmas holidays and better visited during low tourist season.

Greece and Egypt are always popular destinations but not during winter time. You know you’re not going to see pharaoh parades coming out of Luxor nor a Greek goddess in Delphi but thousands and thousands of us, guilty tourists, crowding, yelling and taking pictures indiscriminately at the Piramids of Gizeh or the Parthenon can really demote our travelling experience.

Climate in the Southern Mediterranean is warm enough in December to walk around in a T-shirt -adding a light jacket when the sun sets wouldn’t hurt- but only the boldest would swim in the sea and tans are not for granted.

Sunset at Puerto del Carmen, Canary Islands

Lanzarote, exotic Christmas holidays at a stone’s throw

As Hawaii to the USA, The Canary Islands are a close archipelago to Europe which is proven to be a sure beach destination for beach, sunbathing and sunny Xmas holidays. Just 3 or 4 hours flying away from many major capitals, it’s where the ancient Greeks placed the Islands of the Fortunate, where some lucky mortals where personally honored by the gods.

If you feel you deserve a divine treatment, go find your Eden holidays in the Canary Islands, they have everything a proper paradise should have; even a riddle at the entrance many will never solve. Most tourist will land at major Tenerife or Gran Canaria islands to spend a lovely time, but they’ll be missing the best. 

Let the black volcanic beaches and the chic cosmopolitan marinas  dazzle the masses. Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, the western islands, are truly exotic Christmas destinations at a stone’s throw. They offer breathtaking volcanic landscapes, endemic fauna and flora and the last virgin beaches of Europe with very few visitors, none during the winter. It will just be you, the sand, 25 ºC and the wide Atlantic Ocean.

Lanzarote, Tenerife or Las Palmas, Discover all of our NH Hoteles in The Canary Islands where it’s sunny all year long! 

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