Dress up your Christmas!

By Sergio González | 11:15

Have you set up your Christmas decorations yet? Same as last year? Come on, you’re not wearing the same clothes, why make your home look so last year?

There are plenty of ideas and suggestions, from major trends shown at the international Christmas decoration fairs to top designer proposals or simple eco-friendly styles. Get inspired and dress up your Christmas!

German trend researcher Anetta Palmisano points out the important role of fashion, architecture and other forms of popular culture in Christmas decorations

Christmas trees have been targeted long ago by fashion designers.  The crowds gather to see Loubutin’s high heels tree at his NY boutique seem to grow as we speak and surely many still remember Gaultier’s silk tree last year. This is part of The Designer Christmas Tree or Les Sapins de Nöel des Créateurs, a French association of major fashion designs around Christmas tree decorations

Since 1995, every year some personalities in the fashion world designs their own vision of a Christmas tree to be expressed as a master piece of fine couture. After some exhibits -the 17th edition finished last December 9th- the trees are auctioned in a big gala, aired through international French channel  TV5MONDE,  to raise money for NGO’s.

You can get some ideas from their creations, but as designers are from so many different schools, there’s no common pattern. In 2011, Dior proposed a metallic tree but opted for a cupboard stand in 2012 for this year and Stella McCartney who’s got everybody’s attention last year with her patchwork British tree, surely hopes to repeat her success with the Neon Tree.

Famous chocolatier -chocolate maker- Pierre Hermé has proposed a macaron version for 2012 but he didn’t tell if we are allowed to eat them at Christmas Eve dinner. Anyway, it’s a good idea to place some sweet decorations on the tree as edible Christmas treats for the younger members of our family.

Anetta shows another strong trend that is about to stop being such a craze to become a classic in Christmas decorations: hand-crafted. We want our Christmas decorations to be special and you cannot achieve that using industrial figures and balls and ornaments produced in line. Our Christmas tree should speak about home and tenderness, not plastic perfection.

Maybe a $10 is not what most are willing to spend on a single Christmas craft-ball but it works perfectly as a lovely Christmas present for work-mates or inside a Christmas gift-basket. Buy it from fair-trade to make it perfect!

If you’re handy, there are plenty of interesting Christmas decoration ideas. Don’t say you don’t have time: 5 ornaments in 5 minutes!

Hand-crafted Christmas decoration, cheap and lovely personal

To plan an exquisite Christmas decorations on a budget, nature is your best ally. Adding some natural pine cones, mistletoe leaves or winter flowers to the Christmas table -whether arranged in a centerpiece or gracefully dropped all over- it’s already a  trend and free if you trip to the countryside instead of purchasing. Please, be careful not to pick protected species in your area and remember to stick only to what has naturally dropped from trees and plants. We can have a cool eco-friendly decoration for free and keep our impact on nature low at the same time.

Red, blue and white -also transparent- are still the dominant colors but for 2012, Electric Christmas is the motto, with powerful fluorescent and acid purples and yellows for the boldest decorators.

If you’re one of those who loves Christmas decorations to look like winter, it’s your lucky day. A German decorator tired of the bad quality and look of artificial snow has come up with Snowpie, a silicon that is exactly like natural snow, except for the coldness.

We hope this helped you find your own Christmas decoration style and your family and guests appreciate the great effort you’re putting on it. At NH we have already started to dress up our hotels with beautiful Christmas settings we hope you love as much as we do. You are more than welcome to come have a look to get inspired or share with us some suggestions and cool ideas of your own!

Photo credit: Juliette Gilbert

Photo credit: ThomasofNorway


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