Eastern Europe: It’s worth a shot!

By Sergio González | 11:24

Eastern Europe is one of the Old Continent’s best kept secrets. When you’re planning a Euro trip, usually Paris, Barcelona, Milan or London are the first cities to come to your mind. Let’s not let our brain fool us because Bucharest, Prague or Warsaw are well worth a shot!

Eastern Europe is a geographical entity but it also shares a common cultural ground as these modern nations have roots in Byzantine Arts, Orthodox religion and also some Turkish and Russian influence. This stew of languages, arts and folklore is nowadays one of the most interesting journeys to take and so diverse that we can’t even agree on which countries are actually Eastern Europe. In every case of doubt, please, feel free to enjoy them all.

Poland has frequently been regarded as the bridge between Western Europe and Russia, and it was more often than not part of either Germany or Russia. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, Poland has become one of the most thriving European economies which has turned Poland into a cosmopolitan society where you can enjoy Borsch soup and Berliners.

Tourism has blasted off in Poland since the 2012 Eurocup let us know how much beauty we were missing. Read everything you want to know here about Poland’s best attractions, monuments and cities or, better yet, book the holiday you need and deserve.

Romania is the perfect example of the Eastern Europe cultural mix: Latin based language, Turk and Austrian influence everywhere, a former dictator…it’s a pretty unique combo, yet it works. Bucharest, Romania’s capital, is called the “Paris of the East” and not just because of high prices or posh locals.

Wars, fire and Communist systematization pardoned just a few buildings of medieval Bucharest and only the Lipscani district is worth the visit. On the other hand, the land was wisely reposed and boulevards, city parks and neoclassical buildings took over Bucharest’s architecture during the 19th and 20th centuries. However, Bucharest’s skyline wouldn’t be complete with Ceausescu’s mega buildings, inspired by -wait for it- North Korean architecture. You’ll spot it the minute you set foot in Bucharest.

Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia play a similar role to Poland as it’s really hard to tell if they are Eastern or Western Europe, yet it doesn’t really matter; you can blissfully enjoy them anyway. And if there’s something you must know it’s that Prague, Bratislava or Budapest are Western Europeans’ favorite getaways. Don’t read why feeding your wanderlust; enjoy the real thing while you can. 

These are European capitals which you can still enjoy at a slow-motion pace. Quaint quarters clustered with bohemian coffee-shops and string quartets, cobblestone streets and peaceful parks that will make you forget about highway jams and pollution and all the romance from the Danube you can take.

In Eastern Europe there are enough things to do, see and enjoy to make memories last for a lifetime. Let’s “check-out” these beautiful countries from our bucket list this spring and take advantage of our special 25% off offer! Get ready to explore Eastern Europe! 

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