Ecology and mass media

By Sergio González | 13:12

 Photo montage, throw away your televisionThe Fourth Estate -journalism that is used to be a monopole for powerful media corporations or bold entrepreneurs who couldn’t help pursuing their dreams, but we all know we are living just the beginning of the greatest change in information and communications since the first human writings appeared in Sumer 5000 years ago.

Not only do we already spend more time getting actively informed online rather than passively in front of a TV but we also prefer to check out our favorite magazines and papers on our smart-phones and tablets rather than on inefficient eco-threatening printed versions that need trees to be produced and oil to get on our hands.

Every year, we increase a little more the time we spend plugged to the web for its many benefits, so it’s natural for an online eco-friendly society to go green online.

There are many projects and initiatives to go greener on Facebook as well as on Twitter and obviously, TED is always a good source of inspiration; you need the know-hows, but also to be in the mood and informed.

Here you can find some of the most followed or influential eco-friendly twitterers to get inspired by. If you want to find out how Zuckerberg’s company is doing –even at their data base center– check out their green Facebook page.

On YouTube, you can find how to preserve Nature, how a green economy can be succesful, how to protect wildlife and everything you need to know about recycling and waste management. YouTube covers every green need, activity or idea. If you’re thinking about going hybrid or you already have one of these friendly cars, Green Car can help you clear lots of doubts in an entertaining way.

In the recent years, it has become common to see some upscale eco-conservation documentaries and strongly green themed box-office movies like Avatar among a Friday night offer.

In 2009, the French documentary film Home filled the screens of half the planet with amazing aerial views of the Earth to remind us how beautiful it is and how essential it is to preserve it. More than 30 million people saw it for free on YouTube, whether in the  Italian, Russian or Arabic version; everybody was interested. If you still haven’t seen it, allow yourself  an hour and a half to get to know the incredible place you live in.

Viewers warning: you may become greener and more respectful towards the environment after watching Home. You’ll also be more than willing to visit many of the astounding unspoiled places you’ll see.

Mother Earth tattoo

It seems the French green filmmakers are taking the leading voice in ecology awareness. After Germany, France is the second economic and industrial power to commit to nature, although success is not always possible.

The film Oceans takes the viewer into a fabulous and shocking journey under the Seven Seas to meet intelligent and beautiful creatures but also others that seemed dreamt by a medieval fantasy. A misty adventure that opened first in American theaters and it’s the third most seen documentary of all times.

BBC released Planet Earth in 2006, a very audacious and expensive documentary filmed in high definition. Eleven episodes depicting the different habitats of our planet captivated the British audience so fast that it was successfully aired in more than 130 countries by 2007.

A version for theaters was first presented in San Sebastian International Film Festival in 2007 making more than $100 million dollars worldwide in 2008 and becoming the flag of Earth Day in 2009. Earth has earned its place as a cult movie for the growing green masses, however, a close and tender March of the Penguins from National Geographic takes the first position as most watched eco-friendly film.

In Earth Day 2012, more than one billion people came together. If you didn’t, please consider joining us next 2013. Every little bit  counts and even you can make the difference.

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