Elevate your stay!

By Sergio González | 10:14

One of the risks you take when traveling is finding yourself at your destination and being just a tourist. You visit every place you are supposed to, take pictures of the food Instagram told you to get and purchased couple of souvenirs, because you know, everyone loves a gift. However, you go back home feeling you missed something. You could have turned your trip into an awesome journey. How? Elevating your stay!

What is “elevate your stay” then? Feeling instead of just existing, living and not just passing by… if you feel you want something else when traveling, you may be in serious need of a nhow experience.

There’s only one way to define what nhow hotels are bringing into the hospitality industry: unconventional spaces that are defying the most traditional accommodation -nhow is the future you can experience now. Do you want to see it all? Be in the middle of it? It sounds cool, but what if you could be part of it all?

Design, architecture, music, fashion…everything around nhow hotels will remind you how cool is to be alive and traveling, but the real deal are the people you can find here. Like beacons of modernity, nhow hotels attract composers, photographers, art gallery owners, animators, engineers, business people and us, travellers, to create amazing, lively environments where anything can happen.

You can just sleep in a room or you can get inspired by it. You can drink from trends and counter-trends, learn about the soon-to-be stars or admire the works of worldwide known artists. Mainstream or not, nhow has you covered.

We should point out a downside for nhow hotels and it’s that you risk never leaving the hotel! Why would you go to some random underground chic bar in Berlin when you can get your drinks from the Envy Bar at nhow Berlin, where artists from both banks of River Spree meet every night. It’s the perfect occasion for some networking if you are in the entertainment or arts business but also to hang out with interesting people. And don’t be shy, Berliners are super open-minded, easy-going people.

After inspirational conversations, you might get in the mood to try some  art of your own. If  you chose to elevate your stay, you can call reception for a Gibson guitar to be delivered to your room. Strings not your thing? Order a DJ deck designed by Paul van Dyck.

Once you are confident with your chords you go downstairs and join other musicians in some of the recording studios. BTW, you shouldn’t miss open mic nights.

NOW by Joep van Lieshout from nhow-Rotterdam on Vimeo.

One of the coolest things about nhow hotels is that despite being so flashy and cool, they never forget where they are. New nhow Rotterdam is at the very heart of its famous, busy harbour and designers wanted to grasp the very essence of its history and down-to-earth lifestyle. If you don’t believe us, hear it from sculptor Joep Van Lieshout who has created some of his most inspirational pieces for Rotterdam’s Harbour. Other local artists feel the same way: Rotterdam is its river and harbor, the symbolic endless muse every artist is always seeking for. You know you have to give it a try.

Art, inspiration and lust for life plus all the features, services and facilities NH hotels always brings to you. So remember, nhow is where you belong.

Photo credit: nhow Berlin


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