European art galleries you definitely want to get lost in!

By Sergio González | 10:39

Musée du Louvre, Paris

Seeing the great monuments and fascinating art works in Europe attracts millions every year and it’s not out of the blue. Besides the fairy tales and HBO shows cast of little princes and princesses that make us willing to go where the actual castles live, there’s a real reason. The top list of countries with UNESCO World Heritage cultural sites is full of European nations: Italy (45), Spain (39), Germany (35), France (34) and the millennial heritage of China (31).

Art museums in the Old Continent are abundant and an essential part of the world’s cultural heritage. Here are the top five essential art galleries in Europe. Bring sunscreen and some water for the line.

Le Louvre. Considered the largest exhibit in the world, after the three hour queue you will still go crazy for the 35,000 objects! From the prehistoric times to 21st century- that drag 9 millions visitors every year, making it as well the most visited museum in the world

Tate Modern. 4 million people rather enjoy Dali’ surrealism and Liechestain’s or Warhol’s pop icons in the Tate Modern (5,3 m) than the romantic landscapes of Turner in its elder sibling, the Tate Britain (1, 5 m). The Tate Modern was an architectural win for the Thames South bank and a huge effort -and success- for England in opening her art to the world.

Galleria degli Uffizi. Built in the 16th century by Cosimo I de Medici (the mystic grandfather of Giuliano and Lorenzo in Da Vinci’s Demons), the Uffizi Gallery is one of the oldest museums in Europe, created in a final act by the last heir of dethroned House of Medici. Anyhow, Florence’s pride it’s home for the master jobs of Leonardo, Michelangelo and many other Renaissance geniuses you definitively want to check out.

Rijksmuseum. Reopened in April 2013 in one of the last official acts of Queen Beatrix, saying that Rijksmuseum boasts the greatest collection of Dutch paintings should be enough. But just in case, here’s some name-dropping of who’s work to expect: Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Rubens, Veermer, van Eyck, Bruegel, Bosch

Museo del Prado. Here is not about quantity but quality. The Prado Museum holds the most amazing paintings, the finest European art ever. During that time most classical painters were alive, the Spanish court was the richest and where they could sell their works for the highest amount of money. Not only you’ll see the satire brush of Velazquez or the black straw of Goya, but also the best Flemish and Italian jobs. 

We know we miss so many fine art galleries but we promise we’ll post about Van Gogh Museum, The Pargamon in Berlin and, for God’s sake, the so unbelievable British Museum. So many interesting choices one single post simply can’t grasp.

However, touring around Europe has never been easier. Start packing your finest clothes and polishing the best accent you can because with these summer promotions in tons of NH Hoteles in European capitals deciding between London, Barcelona or Amsterdam will be your only concern. Or, you can take advantage of the European great low cost flights to enjoy them all.Visiting every museum in Europe can last for a lifetime, but it would be one worth living.

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