Everyday eco-social initiatives mean everything

By Sergio González | 10:58
child watering in Ethiopia

Chisungu School, Zimbabwe. Green inciatives can be undertaken by everbody

When it comes to save our planet, you don’t have to be an eco-fighter, you can get by with very simple actions. Everyday eco-social initiatives can bring you more benefits than expected.

There’s no need to trade your entire closet for green fabrics but avoiding the most pollutant dyes and brands that treat employees like objects will still allow you to glow but with a much little cost to the Earth and mankind. As consumers, we have a great power to change companies’ policies by shifting our shopping behavior.

Some cosmetics companies still test their products on animals, pictures can be found online but it’s not recommended for sensitive viewers. Conducting a lab test with cells is more expensive but other companies understand it’s the only way to do it. If you demand it, you’ll see it become the sole reality. 

In Europe, animal testing was banned in 2002, but it’s a long process that won’t end until next year and it’s not for sure.

The French Giants of cosmetics industry -which seem rich enough to pay for lab testing- head a large list of companies which early sued the European Union asking to lift the ban. However, increasing consumers’ rejection to buy cruel creams might turn tables for animal rights in 2013.

As always, labelling isn’t as accurate as it should be. Nowadays, companies can add a non-tested in animals logo in the final product, even if during its creation ingredients were actually tested. In the USA or Asia, there are no restrictions at all. Try PETA’s website to find about worlwide companies behaviour towards animals.

Biodegradable shampoo and gel bottles

NH Agua de la Tierra, eco-friendly amenities

Aren’t little details what make the real big difference? An unexpected smile from a stranger or five minutes extra of sleep can make your day.

NH Hoteles launched in 2010 Agua de la Tierra, a more than ambitious small program to ban plastic in our hotels.

Plastics are an artificial product which Nature finds hard to eliminate and its production -straight from oil- triggers every green alert and turns our sky black and unbreathable. Ask anyone living nearby a chemical or textile factory if we should go greener now.

Agua de la Tierra amenities are in sync with nature, and are also fresh and soft. The materials used to bottled our shampoo or shower gel are high-tech plastics made with polyolefin, a polymer that acts as a very efficient catalyze for natural disintegration. Polyolefins are degraded by Nature in lees than seven years, leaving no toxic waste on the way. Can’t wait for beauty product companies to jump into this green initiative.

A simple one, but consider the numbers. NH Hoteles offers accommodation for thousands and thousands of guests, so we are talking here of millions of bottles and tons of plastic saved to the environment.

Actually, we are so happy with your reaction towards this initiative that soon pens, bags and many other everyday stuff will be made from potato starch -already in use for laundry service. Read up on us often to find about how our ambitious environmental program is being fulfilled.

NH Hoteles tributes a whole part of its structure to environmental care and green innovation that’s always looking to go a little further. They have managed to engage many NH suppliers, such as Telefónica or Philips, in NH Sustainable Club where the focus is on responsible use of resources, consumption save and waste management.

We are seriously committed and we love it. We don’t share it with you to brag about it but to prove a point. Since environmental and social projects started to be an important part of our everyday business, NH Hoteles has experienced a huge growth in its benefits -even monetary ones- achieving goals that even amazed the people who projected them. Another world is possible.

In NH Hoteles we know we will wake up to a better world if we make it happen. Want to join us?

Photo Credit: Sustainable sanitation

  • posted by Kari Kenidi | 03 November 2013, 16:47,

    After touring in France this summer I discovered a wonderful shower gel at the hotel in Nice. I want to purchase aqua de la tierra shower gel (the green container) for my personal use. Is this possible? I cannot find a website that sells it to an individual person.

  • posted by Kari Kenidi | 03 November 2013, 16:49,

    Please tell me how I can purchase Aqua de la Tierra Sower Gel (the green container) for my personal use. Thank you.


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