Fashionable efficiency: How to pack a stylish suitcase

By Sergio González | 11:29

travel suitcaseLady Winter has come another year to challenge us with her cold temperatures, strong winds and heavy rains but we don’t care because we already have trendy warm coats and cozy boots to face her. Besides, we’ve already thought about spending our Christmas holidays in the Caribbean paradise of Isla Margarita.

Wait! What are you saying? On last minute notice, our friends changed their minds and booked a trip to Baviera because they want to shop at traditional Christmas German markets? What am I supposed to do with my D&G bikini and my new pair of Prada sunglasses?

Well, don’t panic, these things happen in life -actually my friends chose the Netherlands over Sicily- but with a little focus we can get away with the ever changing-suitcase situation and be ready for anything.

Spain and Italy are American and Asian tourists’ preferred winter destinations but also by European ones, who  fancy France and UK as well for Christmas getaways.

Four destinations  with very different styles we should be getting ready for. Let’s see what’s in vogue in each place so we can pack a perfectly matched stylish suitcase.

Andalucia, Spain. The southern region of Spain is the most warm and lively one in the country with stable temperatures at 20º C by the seaside even in December. The Western coast is a paradise for bohemians, full of natural reserves and unspoiled beaches so add hand-crafted shoes and a studded denim jacket.

A designer summer dress -obviously avoid white- can be put to good use here as well as in Costa del Sol, Andalucia’s Eastern shore, where luxury is understood through magnificence. Malaga and Marbella are perfect for pulling off maxi necklaces because here the bigger, the better. Round maxi sunglasses -preferably one of those with the designer’s name in maxi too- and an original bag with the classic Louis Vuitton logo stamp are essential; don’t dare to go out without them.

Venecia, Italy. Italian designers such as Valentino, D&G or Versace can, like no one else, add a provocative thread to the most refined fashion to create a sensual piece of art. If you’ve watched Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut or can tell Red Valentino apart, you know what it is about.

Venice is so beautiful that people seem to be compelled to measure up their outfits to the beauty they are surrounded by. Expect really stylish people, seen straight out of a fashion magazine, because Italians are big spenders and know how to make good use of their money. 

When packing for Italy, never forget a designer scarf, better made out of kashmir. It will dress up your whole attire and will also tell Italians you are in. Protect your hands from 2012 winter withsome gloves made out of fine leather -in beige and fingerless- inspired by car races. Wear them even if you don’t drive, they’re texting-friendly. 

You’ll walk a lot when visiting Italian cities so wearing a pair of sneakers may become compulsory if you want to make it through the day. Luckily, sneakers are allowed by Italian fashion standards but only if they are vintage and useless for sports.

If you’re planning a business trip, please, give your suits a second thought and consider a classic Armani as an investment. Self-image in Italy is not a childish game and if you want to feel powerful, you should dress and behave accordingly.

fashionable girl standing on suitcaseEdinburgh, Scotland-UK. Winter in the lands of William Wallace is really tough, but the Scots already new it back in the Middle Ages, so they came out with tartan pattern in all sorts of warm woven wool clothes. There’s no need to wear a plaid kilt but it’s always a good  to fit in with the locals and since Burberry took it over, the perfect British touch for scarfs and skirts. 

Oxblood color is a must this winter and very easy to match with cream, military green, beige and brown. Get yourself a pair of in vogue oxblood boots! You’ll need nothing else.

Paris, France. Chic, that’s the only thing to keep in mind for a Paris suitcase. Not stylish, not luxurious, not cool, just chic. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines chic as smart elegance and sophistication, a distinctive mode of dress or manner. An LBD –little black dress will never let you down and you can find pretty acceptable ones at department stores

To be treated like a person and not like a tourist in Paris wear French clothes. Get away with fashion chauvinism with some Parisian trendy designers. You can’t go wrong with a pair of Louboutin’s hand-crafted shoes or handbags. If the flight to Paris ate a great deal of your budget, try shopping at Le Marais quarter to find sale vintage clothes but remember, as Madame Chanel advised her clients, when leaving home, have a last look in the mirror and leave some piece behind. Elegance is not about flossing but an inner feeling. 

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