Feel good when travelling

Traveling makes us feel good and its benefits are bigger and better than we usually think, we’ll never grow tired of sharing this, but there are also some downsides of traveling we can fight off  with these travel tips to make trips, voyages and all kind of journeys just ‘awesome’, without any ‘buts’.

Loneliness may seem like a problem belonging to the past as we live through the age of social media, but going online abroad is not easy or cheap, unless you stay at NH Hoteles with free wi-fi in your room because it’s always important to feel connected. Even more so the more when traveling alone to another country. Staying in touch and talking, literally listening to your friends or relatives’ voice, is the simplest way to remind you that you may be far away but not lonely.

How to get over jet-lag, for real. Well, while there’s no single mean to readjust the timing of your inner clock to your new destination’s one, we have to choose one so we are hearing the word from commercial pilots and flight-attendants, the people who are used to fighting off jet-lag more frequently. So, here’s their travel trip: they sleep before traveling to a country in a different time zone. That’s the best way to avoid being sleepy once there and to fall asleep when everybody else does too.

Feel cozier with food. While one of the best experiences of traveling is trying local food, bad days are a thing that can happen anytime, even on holiday. If you are feeling moody, it’s a good idea to go find a restaurant serving your country’s food, smells and flavors that will make you feel a little closer to home. Actually, smelling or tasting work faster and better at triggering emotional memories than any other sense. Let’s all remember that some nationalities will have it easier and some will not so if you find a British guy who’s having a tough day during holidays, try your best to help him out.

Feeling familiar in an unfamiliar city is important to keep our self-confidence and feel alright; while taking your sheets with you may be a little too much, it’s also a good idea to keep things the same before-going-to-bed routine like you do at home. You brush your teeth and then read some? Do it at the hotel room to feel kind of at home.

Learn a little of the local language. English is widely spoken but that doesn’t mean everywhere. If you want to make your trip much better, learn useful words and expressions and some courtesy manners and greetings. It’s unbelievable how much we all appreciate a ‘hello’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in our own language; there is no easier yet more useful travel tip. Ever noticed how every celebrity with a good image consultant always learns them when touring or giving interviews abroad? Learning local customs won’t hurt either.

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