From Tokyo to San Sebastian, top cities to eat in the world!

By Sergio González | 10:38

The dessert tray at Narisawa, pure edible poetry

Being a foodie is the best. Being a travelling foodie is even better. Tasting what the finest cuisines in the world can offer is a serious thing. Here are the top gastro-cities on the planet, as for Fall 2013 at least.

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants is an award granted by British magazine Restaurant and, yet some people still are not into British cuisine, it’s the list that says it all, along with the Michelin guide.

The best restaurant in the world in 2013 is El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, Spain, but rather than visiting just this city, don’t mind getting lost along a gastro-guide in the whole region of Catalonia, flooded with Michelin must stops.

If we had to pick the best gastro city in Spain it would be San Sebastian. Three restaurants boast three Michelin stars -Arzak, Akelarre and most recently, Martín Berasategui– but there are up to 16 restaurants awarded by the prestigious gourmet guide. Even more, San Sebastian is the only city in the world to have two resturants in Restaurant’s top 10 list. We find Arzak again -so incredibly they cook- and Mugaritz.

Now it’s the best time to visit San Sebastian, as the international film festival will take place at the end of September, from 20th to 28th. Don’t hesitate it and book your finest accommodation in San Sebastian with us.

Noma in Copenhagen is Scandinavian leading haute cuisine

Copenhagen wasn’t considered a foodie destination until recently, when its fork-ship resturant Noma won Restaurant’s award three years in a row, from 2010 to 2012.

Booking at Noma’s require some months in advance these days but the good thing is that international allure and René Redzepi’s obsession with local food have inspired many other chefs in the city to create a whole new foodie destination in Denmark, the Nørrebro district.

Japan is a giant in gastronomy, from any point you look. Michelin starred restaurants? Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe are in the top 10 list of cities with more awarded restaurants and even traditional ryokans.

Get it well before you make a reservation into Tokyo’s best restaurants as seen by Condé Nast. Sushi is the rice-finger with raw fish on top of it, maki is the algae and rice roll with fish and veggies in it and sashimi is the raw piece of fish to dip, no rice involved.

Our choice in Japan is Narisawa, run by a Japanese chef/food poet who imagines scrumptious versions of his country’s most refined arts to be enjoyed with and ‘open mind’ and ‘with the five senses’. Its web site is poetry itself.

Narisawa has also been awarded as the most eco-friendly resturant

Paris will always be a top foodie destination, currently offering 79 Michelin starred restaurants to choose among. If you are not up to be the typical tourist, there are many interesting options beyond Maxim’s and dining on top of Eiffel Tower or on a bateau by the River Seine.

Explore the city and the foodie in you along it because almost every single neighborhood in Paris is a foodie paradise. Boulangeries (bakeries) and passtisseries (pastry shops) will surely find its way into your heart.

La rue Mouffetard, where most first-timers end up having a bite in Paris

Trying to complete a list of the top 5 cities to eat will demand either NY or London, which means we shall leave one of them out, and that’s sad. So, we are having a look at two new gastro-destinations we should be paying more attention to instead.

Australian fusion cuisine is emerging as a very interesting gastronomic destination, and besides international popularity of Aussi chefs like Donna Hey, Melbourne is where all foodies want to be. Based on raw wild produce he collects himself and tons of spontaneous meticulosity, Ben Shewry has placed Attica as the reference in town.

Still in the Southern Hemisphere, Astrid & Gastón from Lima, are the new Peru. A couple who fell in love in Paris and built an empire based on their love for fine food. Marrying traditional, renovated Peruvian dishes with Mediterranean products this couple of chefs are conquering every palate in South America.

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