“Future is nhow” or the cool design exhibit you could be enjoying

By Sergio González | 10:30

From April 7th until the 13th, one of the biggest fashion and design events in Milan will take place, Milano Moda Design, along the Furniture Fair (Fuorisalone). Then again, Milan is the place to be for every designer and artist, either pro or aficionado.

nhow location and passion for design make it the perfect place for designers, art dealers, fashion icons and everyone visiting the city during Milano Moda Design. But that’s not enough for a hotel that is built on art and style. During this week, “Future is nhow” is  Design Inspiration displayed on the four floors of our nhow Milan.

nhow Milan came to life thanks to the incredible synergy achieved by architect Daniel Beretta and interior designer Mateo Thun, whose combined work turned an old General Electric facility into, not only a hotel, but also a multifunctional location where to enjoy design and not just observe it with eager eyes.

There will be an exclusive preview on April 7th from 3 pm to 8 pm on Press Day, but here’s an advance of the product design, furniture and fashion design you could be enjoying at the “Future is nhow” exhibit.

Four floors means there’s a lot to see, do and enjoy so take your time to plan your visit to nhow Milan during the Fluorisalone 2014. If you get tired, just take the elevator to the restaurant, or as we like to call it, atelier di cucina creativa. Anyway, while deciding which deli should please your palate you’ll be enjoying more design, this time by the hands of Castellani & Smith and Jacopo Foggini.

Ground floor will be all about lighting design, with two amazing brands that are blending tradition and technology to make the most out of lighting our lives. Serbian based company Dsignedby will bring the OLED Obranch chandelier -you totally need to see- and matlight Milano will brighten us with their wise use of traditional travertine tiles and design metaphors that turn the spotlight back to the electric cable.

Also on the ground floor, Luca Boffi‘s colourful and innovative sofas will surely grant him many new fans. Combining Italian manufacture with renowned names like Karim Rasid and young artists like Ludmilla Radchenko, Boffi is starting a revolution in sofa design that is on exhibit right now, but that could easily be at our home pretty soon.

There’s a lot more to see on the ground floor but let’s go upstairs and enjoy “Green in Italy”, an eco design exhibition with which we can totally relate as a company. For the fifth year in a row, IOriciclo TUricicli (Irecycle Yourecycle) will bring in all the young talent into the research and promotion lab for green concepts.

First floor is also the exhibit space for Design 2.0. Anatomia del Design exhibit, organized by Modi & Toni agency of Marameo Design, will showcase the best creators on blog platforms and social networks and the design trends they are offering right now.

On the second floor lighting will lead the way again, but this time with Daniele Glasco‘s personal views and “Dark Light Reflections” that explore the borders between design, handcraft, art and human desires.

Glasco’s lighting installations will get you ready for the third floor, Adolfo Sbisà‘s own kingdom. Twenty years of international experience summed up in little glass tables, red velvet sofas and many other everyday objects that give us an inside of Sbisà’s rich inner world.

In an exhibit called “Future is nhow”, we couldn’t help having the intelligent items part, aka fourth floor. Sillabe will let us peek into the future of convertible yet astoundingly beautiful furniture, with endless functionalities, and the geometrical, pure lines that will shape the future of design. Are you ready?



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