Future photography and beyond

By Sergio González | 11:32

New technology in photography is really amaaaazing!!!

Phoneography -which is taking photos with a smartphone- is supposed to be the major shift in photography since its very invention but there are other predictions we can take a look at to figure out what the new technology in photography will bring to our lives.

How many great photos have found their way into the trash bin because of a bad focus? Well, it’s enough according to Lytro and its cool new camera. Cool design, like no other camera they say, and even cooler features. Take the photo you want, don’t worry about lighting or focus, Lytro will let you adjust those later to your complete satisfaction. Hard to believe? Check out how the future is already here.

The still small market of sunglasses with built-in cameras is currently under a huge revolution and within the next few years it’s going to reach most consumers. Pivothead hit this market last year with its 1080p phot glasses, with the shooting button integrated on the left arm. You won’t miss any precious moment as you put out your camera or smartphone.

But this is about future photography so, what are designers developing nowadays? Bionic eyes! Based on some prototypes of artificial retinas for blind people, digital contact lenses are the focus for the future. Imagine the possibilities they would have for augmented reality. The way we see the world will be completely different in the close future.

You may believe you’ve seen it all regarding angles but from Germany they’re saying we are wrong. Jonas Pfiel and his team at the Technical University of Berlin have developed the throwable panoramic ball camera, a device with 36 small two mega-pixel cameras that is going to shake the future of digital photography. It’s still a prototype but one that already works. Just throw it up in the air and wait for the amazing panorama results, as you’ve never expected before. Unfortunately it’s not available for purchase as they’re still looking for the necessary investment to manufacture it.

Also worth waiting for is the Canon Wonder Camera: endless mega-pixels and zoom, face recognition and rapid lights transfer built in a white colored model that really looks futuristic. And it has to be so because Canon doesn’t expect to complete the technology and make it cheap enough for the global market until 2030. 

What’s coming sooner than anticipated is 3D photography but in the form of real-time holographic photos and video. Check out MIT to get to know how the development is working so far. But maybe this isn’t enough for you as it’s not for the guys at University of Tokyo. The next big thing in future photography? Touchable holograms!


The greatest thing about the future, unless you believe in a predetermined fate, is that it’s open, so it can take any shape we would like it to have. We haven’t seen it yet, but wouldn’t it be cool if video post-its existed? Just like regular post-its, sames size and thickness, but able to record and play sound and video. Want to remind your roomie he should buy more groceries? Record yourself saying it and stick the video post-it to the fridge, no more paper; that’s so 20th century.

Got your own thought about what would be cool in future photography? We’d love to hear it! 

Photo credit: LGEPR


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