Gala logistics! Designing efficient glamour

By Sergio González | 10:03

Anne Hathaway won the Oscar but also $900 worth in gold

Figures coming from the Oscars are as impressive as it corresponds to a Hollywood star-system but, is this one night event profitable? The Academy Awards gala in Los Angeles is by far the more expensive and luxurious in the world, but it pays off. Eating $38,00 worth just in white truffles may seem like a lot but the Oscars have always been a good deal. According to The Hollywood Reporter, their accountancy books show a total input of almost $90 million ($75 million coming straight from Disney as the fee to be allowed to air the show on ABC), and even the whole city of LA receives $130 million a year thanks to the small golden statuette.

About expenses, decoration takes a large sum of money from the budget: $25,000 just for the carpet and one of the exquisite chandeliers at the ball is just another million (they expect to recover some money by renting it afterwards). 

Wolfgang Puck is the Austrian chef in charge of Governors Ball for the nineteenth time in a row. Beside truffles, Osetra caviar ($50 the ounce), edible gold or the most expensive meat in the world, Kobe-beef, are what Hollywood stars had as a bite. And Oscars, tons of candy and treats in the shape of the beloved prize.

Almost $60,00 will be served in exquisite wine from the beautiful vineyards of Napa Valley but the Oscars is a night of joy and celebration and the champagne bill boil up to $90,000. Wolfgang has picked Thienot, a relatively new house founded in 1985, which sales are expected to boom in the following months.

Best and worst dressed are a must list on every post-gala comment and they don’t always agree in different fashion magazines but this time it seems we have one clear winner for the actress who picked best her wardrobe. Jennifer Lawrence is on every cover and website. Yeah, she won the Oscar and performed a little mess driven by the emotion but she looked gorgeous in her Dior haute couture dress (for less than $50,000 it’s yours). Check out the whole red carpet and decide on your own the best and worst dressed of the 2013 Oscars.

Naomi Watts dressed by Armani Prive, prices start at $30,000

Among the list of expenditures for the gala logistics we find another interesting expenses, like $10,00 in envelopes or $1,5 million protecting their copyrights, always according to THR. As for personal expenditures, $15,000 go to the host, $100,000 for producers and $900 worth in gold for every Oscar winner

Hiring the venue -as Kodak has gone bankrupt, the Academy closed a deal with Dolby Theatre for the next 20 Oscars galas-, paying for exotic and mind-blowing food and for the 500 feet long red carpet amounts to a total of barely $40 million, so the Oscars seem a great business, despite the spending. And maybe it’s because everybody wants to be at the Oscars to be seen by 40 million viewers in the USA , according to The Washington Post.

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