Get back on track this New Year with antiox food

By Sergio González | 10:15

Cranberries are on top of anti aging food


2014 is finally here and with more good New Year’s resolutions than ever. But let’s start with the basics because this year, as you’ll soon find out, we are what we eat. 

We usually regard anti aging food like a trend or something we should only care about if we live for our looks but it’s actually a little more important for our wellbeing than we may think.

Yes, antiox food will may make you look awesome but it does not only feed skin cells. Their benefits are spread all over your body which means you’ll help your eyesite, your heart or your brain stay young and healthy. Remember that, even though it is important   to eat antiox foods, you should maintain a varied diet. Mono diet is a thing nowadays on Instagram, but nutrients and antioxidant elements are better absorbed by our bodies when taken combined.

You already know that fruit is one of the best decisions you can make every day. Every time you give your body an orange or an apple instead of a candy bar or packed snacks, you are improving your life quality. You’ll see the results in some weeks but the real payoff will come as you age and, you’ll do it in a much better way.

To boost the antioxidant power through fruit you’d better love berries because crans, blues and blacks rank the highest in antioxidant concentration among every other food. They say the best things come in small packages and this saying seems to have been coined for the tiny, humble cranberries.

The University of Massachusetts has been conducting some hardcore experiments with cranberries and they have found out pretty amazing things: cranberries have some compounds that are toxic for tumor cells, including the worst cancers like lung one or leukemia. Cranberries are also the best fighters against infections of the digestive and urinary systems.

After fruit, vegetables are the best antiaging food, beans and artichokes on top of them all. Right after we find nuts: hazelnuts, pecans and walnuts. These all are the top antiox foods but any other one in the same group is still rich in antioxidant elements so you won’t have to be eating the same for the rest of your now longer life.

This baby lobster is supposed to live forever

If you want to hop on the wellbeing benefits that anti aging food can bring to your life, but you have a lot going on right now, ask for an antiox breakfast the next time you stay in an NH Hotel; or just come to try a wonderful healthy breakfast with all the benefits and no work on your side. Find out what you could be having with a healthy antiox NH breakfast.

Here comes one amazing fact that will have you rethinking about your diet: lobsters don’t die from aging. While this is an exaggeration according to the Smithsonian Mag, lobsters don’t drecease in strength or slow down their metabolism or reproduction because of their age. They simply don’t get old. Before you hit the supermarket to hoard as many Maine Lobsters as you can fit in the shopping basket -and your wallet- you should know that in this case ‘you are what you eat’ doesn’t work that straight. However, medicine and cosmetics industry are researching hard on the best means to make a good use of this unique power of lobsters.

Is eating healthier one of your New Year resolutions? If so, let us know your tips & tricks!

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