Get going: Extreme Outdoor Sports

By Sergio González | 10:32

Mountain biking

We have been cozying around for a way-too-long this winter and it’s about time we get rid of this inactivity. Put blankets and furry sleepers aside and get ready to get going with some extreme outdoor sports. They get this name to make them sound cool and edgy but actually anyone can go kayaking or mountain biking; just don’t start on the pro tracks. Your body and soul will be truly thankful anyway. 

Mountain biking is perhaps the best first approach to extreme outdoor sports. It fits every skill since you don’t actually need to climb a mountain by the sole power of your pedalling; any cycling off the road is consider within this category. While you could ride any kind of bike, mountain bikes are specifically designed to help you beat rough irregular terrain and most will include some kind of suspension so don’t mind getting one, you and your back will both be thankful for at the end of the day. 

If you have an old mountain bike stored in the deepest corner of your garage, check these tips on basic maintenace from before throwing it away.

The thaw releasing ramping fresh water into rivers is a show in itself if you choose a good spot on the shore but a whole adventure if you decide to go river rafting. These past winter rains were heavy so it’s advisable to take this into consideration and be safe.  


Rafting down the Colorado River is something most of us bear in mind as just one of the coolest extreme adventures ever. If you can’t make it to the overwhelming nature of North America, don’t worry; get in touch with your domestic rafting federation. They’ll be glad to share with you some useful info gathered straight from on-the-field experience.

Kayaking is another beginners first-time into water outdoor sports as you don’t need strong streams, though there’s always risk of making the funny and classic flip over to find your head underwater, hidden like an embarrassed ostrich. If that’s not your case and you are looking for adventure, you may want to upgrade it to extreme whitewater kayaking -rapids and waterfalls- or trading your nearest river by the ocean as the foe to paddle.

If you want to get more in touch with your wild side and literally touch the ground, mountain climbing is the way to go. You can start by bouldering, which is practised fairly close to the ground and its focus is fast and depends on individual moves, not endurance, and up-scale to the most extreme adventure of them all, climbing Mount Everest. Really extreme climbers are expecting NASA to hurry up in its conquest of Mars just in case they wanted to climb the highest mountain in the solar system, Mount Olympus: a 14 mile volcano crowning the red planet.

Horse galloping on a beach

Not exactly an extreme sport but a cool experience to share with your friends on a weekend is horse riding. And truth be told your first gallop could feel a little extreme (and totally awesome). Google  a local stable and get lost into the blooming nature while enjoying this relaxing and eco-friendly outdoor sport. Just one warning; horses are noble and powerful animals and you may find a new passion in life! What extreme sports are you looking to try this spring? 

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  • posted by Ellis-Brigham | 21 June 2013, 11:10,

    The rush of adrenaline you get from these sports is so satisfying and exciting that I would encourage everyone to take part in one. There’s no better way to burn off those winter pounds.

  • posted by Courtney Imel | 25 July 2013, 15:35,

    Thanks for the comment! We’re glad you enjoyed the post! 🙂

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