Get motivated! Edgy fitness apps you need to check out

By Sergio González | 10:15

myfitnesspal is one of the best fitness apps around

There are quite a few fitness apps available but most of them either fall in the calorie counter group or the speed/distance tracker one. Most but not all. Here come some of the best fitness apps that go the extra mile and bring better or unique features.

Runtastic is one of the best fitness apps and the first one you should download. It’s free and available for iOS and Android. It’s designed to aim your progress so you keep on working out. It’s full of useful features, starting with letting you choose the kind of work out you plan on doing. Then more and more options become available to personalize your work out as much as you want: temperature, track slope. 

Using Runtastic you’ll have your phone showing you one fact nutritionists and all sort of coaches and personal trainers work hard to tell us. If you want to lose some weight, you’d better skip that cake or those fries because burning 500 calories takes more than two hours walking, around 10 miles. 500 calories is not that much.

If you are trying to get rid of some extra pounds, myfitnesspal can perhaps work for you. While using calorie counters may not be the wisest or the most self-empowering move, working on real information is the only way to really improve what’s wrong, and it should be easy. Myfitnesspal performs wonderfully at doing this because you don’t have to be constantly updating manually the food you eat, just scan the barcode or crunch its huge database.

Have you tried every kind of motivation but nothing has worked out for you so far? Could you buy a private island with the money spent on gym memberships? It’s time to get workout apps to the next level with Gympact, a truly ‘badass’ fitness app. You set the number of times you think you must go the gym per week and you’d better meet your own requirements because if you don’t, you are fined. That money ends up in the hands of those ones who met their goals.

There are so many workout apps out there that it may seem everything has already been designed, but it’s not. You need to get Human asap. It’s the fitness app that will get you moving out of the couch, in which lying watching TV burns you the crazy amount of 1 calorie per minute. Besides, it’s so beautiful you won’t even mind the push notifications.

Human app approaches this whole fitness app thing from a totally different angle. First of all, it won’t ask you to do anything; you can call it a ‘passive fitness app’. The goal of Human is to have you moving 30 minutes a day so it tracks all your moves and sends you a notification if you made it; but it also lets you know how much you should have moved in case you didn’t. The idea, once your daily ‘exercise’ has been tracked down, it lets you know easy, simple ways to meet the 30 min goal like dropping off the bus two stops earlier or shopping at a pedestrian area instead of a mall full of escalators.    

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