Get moving! Energizing Spring songs

By Sergio González | 11:17

What should we ask from a ‘Top 10 Spring songs’ list? Spring is complex and so are the feelings it can bring to us. We may feel a little melancholic about Spring exhausting side effects but willing to be powerful and we also may love the bucolic naive blossoming happening around us, which reminds us that getting out and doing something fun is on our radar. Today we will give a list of some of the best motivating songs throughout the years to get you going! 

The 50’s were a much more innocent time for music and Elvis sang a tale told by a little bird to a sky full of butterflies in Spring Fever, for the 1965 film Girl Happy, in which Elvis had to watch his boss’ daughter and make sure she didn’t get into too much trouble during her Spring Break holidays in Florida. In this song we can see that Elvis uses plain but beautiful and effective metaphors to declare his passionate love: the blossom on the trees stir up the honey bees. The world’s in love, just look around!

Peace & Love was the 60’s brand in music and so were the classic songs we love from a time when things happened slowly; when feelings were more important than connecting. In 1967, The Beatles were already huge and it seems George Harrison didn’t enjoy fame at all. He would write songs alone, away from screaming crowds and flashes, and he composed Here Comes the Sun during one of these getaways at Eric Clapton’s house. The song also tells a more mundane story, taking into account these guys are from England, where Spring is mourned after so many rainy and grey winter months.

Another 60’s classic, A Beautiful Morning by The Rascals, wants us to enjoy the new fresh air Spring is gifting; ain’t no sense in stayin’ inside if the weather is fine. Released in 1968, it quickly hit #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and lingered for decades played in many ads and commercials.

Flower Power fell into disgrace at the end of the 60’s as we got deeper into tougher 70’s. Spring songs met the bad guy next-door, otherwise known as psychedelic and acid rock, and had a rough teenage romance. The Who wanted us to lay down because Love Ain’t for Keeping while The Doors shifted from joy to despair in Waiting for the Sun, where they feel it’s time to live in the scattered sun.

Just a little pause in this spring songs list from the 20th century to enjoy the mother of them all, Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. Spring’s Allegro is a classical baroque piece that work wonders for your mood. Classics aren’t so just because they are old but because they are so good they never get old.

U2 nailed once again in 2000 when they released Beautiful Day, because we may be on the road with no destination by it’s a beautiful day and we won’t let it go away. This song hit the highest position on Billboard for a u2 song since 1997, won three Grammys and has been played by the band in every single one of their concerts since 2001. Enjoy it!

Madonna’s self-made billionaire career doesn’t make her any different when it comes to spring love. She begs to feel and shine, but there are too many options and too much confusion when all she wants is a celebration. And the love profusion.

Love Profusion never made to the pop charts top, though its many dance remixes peaked in Europe and were successful enough as for Madonna to release Confessions on A Dance Floor.

We hope you enjoyed this motivating list of some of the most energizing songs for Spring! Which ones would you add to the list? Perhaps our newest list on Spotify will give you some inspiration! 


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