Get moving! Indoor workout ideas

Working out is a good idea, lifting a weight with one hand it is not

Games of Thrones season 4 isn’t coming until January 2014 but winter surely is. May The Starks be ready and so be you, because cold weather outside only means more time for indoors workout routines. And yes, sometimes it’s simply too cold to go to the gym.

Ok, there you are on a weekend morning with a grave case of nothing-to-do and after peeking out of the frozen window, absolutely no intention of going outside. But it’s Sunday morning and you’ve going jogging during the summer. And you can truly say you did it often, so you are in a sports craze and don’t want to slow it down. Play The Eye of the Tiger and let’s go.

First you are going to need some space, so say goodbye to that coffee table in the living. Drive back IKEA dominance and make some space where to exercise freely. Just in case we are dealing with the next Nureyev, the fewer things around, the better.

Dancing in your newly reposed space is always the best option for the free-thinker because you get to shake any move you want; make them all signature moves if you please so! The fact that you are moving and exercising is awesome enough. Besides, according to romcom code, if you are single and you dance like crazy in your living with open curtains someone will spot you, falling immediately for the graceful being you are.

In case your coordination asks for some dancing discipline, why not give zumba a try? It’s already engaged 14m people in the whole world according to Zumba Organization. Combining dance moves of every kind (from salsa to hip-hop) with martial arts, yes, martial arts, zumba is supposed to get you fit but also balanced in mind and cheerful. It’s worth the try, isn’t it?

Before starting a family situation by claiming a whole room to store your work out stuff, save it by using things you already have around. Food packages or bottles can make perfect weights, the better if they come in soft plastic bags like rice or raw beans; they are easier to grab. If you are to buy some equipment, a bench and a matt are among the best buys you can make because they are used by most workout routines.

Save proof of your efforts. While keeping track of your progress may seem a little swallow, it is not. Watching the progression you are achieving will boost your confidence, making you eager to keep on. If you are working out to lose some weight, it may be a good idea to buy some new clothes when you lose a size. Keep your spirits high!


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