Get Ready! Cool things that only happen in spring

By Sergio González | 10:25

As if Spring wasn’t cool enough on its own, this season comes along with amazing natural phenomena and cool events that will make it even better. If you already were lucky enough to go somewhere nice during Easter, consider this your plan B. If you didn’t, our Spring Break offers are still on!

We are craving for longer and warmer days but Winter is still reluctant to leave the house, what’s not bad at all. If you live close to a major river in the temperate zone of the planet you already know how great it can be. If it’s not the case, you can’t miss the raging forces of nature happening before your very eyes at Niagara Falls.

Lake Erie begins to unfreeze in April, releasing tons of ice blocks into Lake Ontario and honoring the Iroquesian originated name Niagara –water thunder– more than ever.

Spring is also a perfect time to enjoy a peek at our infinite Universe. Nights are not so cold and some cool astronomic phenomena like to linger, allowing astronomy aficionados and casual watchers to enjoy the magic of beautiful warm starred nights.

2013 is a great moment to enjoy Saturn, one of the coolest planets. Its rings are actually pieces of ice but there’s a huge center space, the Cassini Division, that will be very clear this month, as the planet tilts to the Earth during spring time.

Even if you can’t identify constellations, night starred sky is awesome

The Constellation of Virgo, use Big and Litlle Dipper to locate it, was Persephone for the ancient Greeks, an Olimpian princess that depicted the arrival of blooming. The daughter of Zeus and Demeter, goddes of harvest, used to live alone in the nature -Virgo stands alone in the night sky- granting eternal spring to mankind until Hades, god of the underworld, abducted her out of a passionate crush.

Zeus, unhappy with all the mourning from his wife and devotees -crops stopped growing- forced his brother to release Persephone. Hades accepted, but onlye because he had an ace up his sleeve. He gave Pershephone pomegranates for the journey up home and by eating them she got bonded to live a third of the year with Hades, as queen of the underwold.

In April, Virgo starts its ascending over the horizon, fleeing from her icy prision which is actually composed by a galaxy cluster that will blow your mind if you choose a light free location outside town.

A portable and delicious 5 de Mayo

Everybody likes a burrito or a taco and enjoys lively Mexican music from time to time so there’s no doubt why 5 de Mayo is standing out so much lately. It’s a celebration that roots into the Mexican victory against Napoleon III forces in Puebla but also blurs with the freedom of the conquest of the American West.

Held every April 5th since 1856, nowdays it’s a celebration of Mexican culture so get ready for the fiesta. If you’re in the continent, Veracruz is the place to be. Besides sandy beaches, magical caves and crazy nights it’s also where the French army disembarked and there are naval shows and historical militar parades all over the town.

If you can’t make it Mexico, cheer for them with some margaritas, discover the powerful work of Frida Kahlo and get your friends to have a bite at a Mexican deli, preferibily one with the whole package; piñatas and mariachis included. Mexico is cool and on 5 de Mayo we all can have a piece of it! 

Photo credit: European Southern Observatory

Photo credit: mosespreciado


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