Get running! The most beautiful marathons you shouldn’t miss

By Sergio González | 10:15

The Great Wall of China or the best marathon ever!

No precaution is little when running a marathon and truly hard physical training and mental preparation come in order. Our hero Pheidippides ran from the Battle of Marathon to Athens to carry the victory news over the Persians only to die of extenuation right after delivering them, so keep in mind that marathons are not for new runners.

But if you are ready to run like a hero you probably know that motivation is key to reach the finish line so here come the best marathons in the world, chosen because the audience there is awesome and will help push you through to make it and also because the track runs for so beautiful places you’ll get inspiration from everywhere around you. 

Napa Valley is one of the most beautiful places in California -maybe in the whole United States. Mediterranean climate with astounding sunsets over endless slopes covered in vineyards and fruit trees that make the Napa Valley Marathon the best choice for rural track lovers. If you want to experience this unique marathon, you’d better sign up soon (it’s in March) because they only take 2,300 runners. 

Paris is and will always be one of the best marathons to run because it takes places in one of the most fine-looking cities on Earth. More than 35,000 runners meet up every April in the Champs Elysées to enjoy a race over the banks of River Seine, passing along the many worldwide monuments Paris proudly boasts. As we are in France, expect red wine and cheese as the provisioning to keep your legs fueling for Le Marathon de Paris.

France hosts another awesome marathon in the stunning coast of Normandy. The popular Mont St-Michel and the medieval city built on it are so impressive and perfect that it looks like a movie setting. A picturesque and lovely frozen picture from the medieval past of France -several monasteries, abbeys and towers are to be passed by- that runs on the sandy and smooth track of the Atlantic shore.

Napa Valley, the best marathon for rural track lovers

Running a marathon is a life-changing experience and completing The Great Wall Marathon in China the nest challenge for May 2014. The track begins in Huangyaguan, a popular spot for tourists willing to get amazed by this marvel of ancient engineering, and lasts quite longer than regular marathons because the track goes up and down. Enjoy one of the best marathons while running on top of The Great Wall and passing by peaceful rice fields and charming traditional Chinese villages.

Our fifth best marathon is the Athens Classic Marathon. Started in 1972 to promote tourism in Greece, this marathon runs on the original track, it is from Marathon to Athens. Considered the hardest track because of the many uphill climbs, the picturesque landscape full of Mediterranean pines and Greek villages you’ll run by will only encourage you to arrive first at legendary Panathinaiko Stadium.

Have you ever ran a marathon? Let us know! 

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Photo credit: Christopher Chan


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