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By Sergio González | 17:39

No complaints about modern cool designs but let’s face it, classic will always rule, and vintage can only make them even better.

Hipster considerations aside, retro and vintage stuff rocks; they are usually from a time when things were hand-made, whether totally or partially, and you can feel that unique touch in every piece, that hardly ever looks exactly same.

One of the best favors you could do to your wardrobe is visiting a flea market to be the proud possessor of any vintage clothing item. Paris is a pretty good location for vintage shopping and the right place to get yourself a state-of-the-art, prêt à porter jacket from the 50s. London is the market you really want to visit if you think you deserve to wear the 60s and 70s out.

Obviously New York is a retro shopping heaven and probably you can find the best deals here for the otherwise expensive stuff like designer’s jewelry, clothes from names like Balenciaga etc. Fly over the Pacific Ocean to get immersed in the biggest retro and vintage market ever in Shibuya, Tokyo’s commercial district. Not the most common pieces, but when you go retro you don’t want mainstream, right? 

We live in a digital era, but it’s been a while, so early techy gadgets are now considered retro, and vintage stuff inspired by 90s videogames is huge on the Internet. From wall stickers to lamps -totally DIY- or smartphones pretending to be a Nintendo’s Gameboy, Mario Bros, Tetris and Space Invaders are getting all the hip.

If the 90s are too mainstreams for you, try out these awesome vintage posters from the Crazy 20s on, free and printable.

You can go retro by many means but before indulging yourself into this world, take into account that most of these items are nowadays in the hands of discerning collectors, who will only give them away at a high price and, pretty much like puppies, if they go to the right home. On the other hand, the manufacturing industry has noticed our likings and you can get retro inspired stuff, like these cool 8-bits glasses, for almost the same price as back then; no inflation to be applied. 

Scooters fall into the group of things mankind nailed with the very first creations, so few changes have been applied to these low-power personal means of transportation; already in 1914 our cities could see adventurous, stylish scooter drivers spreading passion and good taste all along. And yes, wearing a head scarf as Audrey Hepburn did in her Vespa in Roman Holiday is not only legit but totally advisable.

Vintage scooters are rare on the roads these days and most chances to dream about them will happen in museums and exhibits, though some romantics and nostalgics can still be spotted defying fast bikes all along the world. If you buy a scooter you’ll be entering a new world, a world-class secret society if you may, where stylish cool people can identify themselves and share this awesome common interest.

What are some of your favorite vintage designs? 

Photo by: N.E.Antique Shows


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