Going social pays off for NH

By Sergio González | 10:32

The benefits of laughter were already appreciated and recorded in Ancient Greece. Aristotle and Hippocrates -the father of Western medicine- recommended long laughing to the ill as an essential part of any treatment.

When we laugh, all our face and body move. Four hundred muscles in our face produce tons of electric impulses that are sent to the hypophysis, which quickly answers releasing endorphins.

These little hormones run through our body relaxing our muscles and pushing stress down, enhancing our breath and digestion and making us stronger by improving drastically our immune system. It’s also a natural cheerful dope able to make us happier in a matter of seconds.

Make a Wish is an American foundation from the 80’s which helps children suffering from long and hard medical treatments make their wishes come true. In 2012, 47 countries have Make a Wish offices and more than 200,000 dreams have come true for those who needed it most.

In 2005, NH Hoteles joined Make a Wish Spain to help with whatever we could; so far, almost 300 people -69 children and their families- have smiled again.

Our little friends’ dreams have ranged a lot throughout these years -from meeting a panda bear to spend a day in the army- but sports stars like Messi or Casillas are without any doubt the most desired ones.

Michael Schumacher, Rafa Nadal and FC Barcelona and Real Madrid players are the idols of the youngest generations. Suffice to say, the response from our athletes it’s the best, they’re always willing to share their time with the kids. A small token, but it can work wonders on the suffering little ones. A healthy and happy soul is a power healer for an aching body.

At the end of this month, Make a Wish holds an international conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil (October 31st-November 3rd) where 2012 Impact Awards are hosted November 2.

NH Hoteles is humbly proud to receive Corporate Partner Award 2012 from Make a Wish Spain in name of NH amazing staff, who have been generously leaning a shoulder every time it was needed; during 7 seven years, so far, and for almost 300 people. This is for you guys!

Next month bring us also another reason to celebrate. NH Hoteles is one of the finalist for CSR Market Place 2012 awards. This edition of the main event of corporate responsibility in Spain has gathered more than one thousand companies around the motto “Responsible with the climate” (in Spanish).

NH has been selected because of our efficient and green Ecomeetings but a hard-fought competition is expected from Bankinter sustainable bank office and IKEA energetic efforts.

The 50 final chosen projects run in five different categories covering all aspects of corporate responsibility towards the market, their employees, consumers, community and the environment. November 15th 2012 knows the winners, at Casa de Campo park in Madrid.



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