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By Sergio González | 13:27

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Every little bit counts, no matter how little. If you want to do your part, here comes a list of green apps that will fill you in on all the toxic soft spots of your home, scan food looking for pesticides or reduce your fuel consumption.

One of the hardest green issues is fuel emissions. We all love traveling around the world but if you also happen to love the Earth, there are some apps that can help you live your two passions easily. Carbon tracker watches you as you wander the world, focusing on what means of transportation you use and tipping on how to reduce your carbon footprint.

Ecorio will be permanently running in the background of your phone -watch out battery consumption- recording your moves and most used roads. It connects to Google Transit to help you avoid creating smog through traffic jams and will also allow you to set challenges to make your next trip greener. If despite your efforts you are still polluting too much, Ecurio will let you offset it by purchasing some green carbon credits from a recycling center or renewable energy plant.

To step it up a notch, Carticipate; a car sharing app. Enter the forum to join next trips or open your car for other Earth enthusiasts.

If you call yourself an eco-tourist, a pollution app should already be installed in your smartphone. It offers air, water and soil contamination levels of more than 160 countries and a thousand cities in the world.

Green Gas Saver is a free app that works the same way, but monitoring your driving habits; if you speed up too much or drive spoiling fuel at a turn, this app will do as its name says, advising you on how to reduce your gas bill. A win-win situation; help the Earth along your wallet. If you want more data and better graphics -and have a few bucks to spend- try greenMeter.

If as a kid your mother was always reminding you to switch off the lights as you leave a room, Green Outlet may be the perfect match for you.

Green You pushes a little further and includes your household and food habits in the green equation to really make you become an eco-warrior. Once you’ve seen how much you pollute, you can start working on a green plan to reduce your impact on the planet.

The battle over labeling genetically modified food and pesticides used in its production is often lost in many countries due to pressure from lobbies. If you feel the official authorities are not taking care of national health as they should be doing, there are some apps that will let you exercise your right to know what you are eating.

The Dirty Dozen offers what it promises, a list of the 12 most contaminated groceries and healthier alternatives. It’s focused on harmful but not banned pesticides so it’s not only green but also healthy and highly recommended to help you feed your kids.

GoodGuide is the best of them all. It not only provides accurate information over 170,000 products -ranging from food to toys or personal care items- but it also takes count on your favorite brands’ performance in environment and social responsibility issues. Scan whatever is  in front of you to find about its greenness or how respectful it is to human rights and animal welfare

Ever wonder what companies test products in animals? GoodGuide will let you know so you can buy responsibly, or not, it’s your choice.

Make your device eco-friendly adding some green apps

Knowledge is power. If you want to reduce your electric bill -whether to save money, the planet or both- first you need to know where it’s spent. Green Outlet and iViro will test your house looking for the highest consuming appliances. Select among a huge list of electric devices -from dishwashing machines to play-stations- and the number of hours a day they’re on to get a prediction of your carbon footprint and estimated electric bill as well as tips on how to diminish both.

For those who are concerned about the behavior of restaurants when they go out for a bite, Seafood Watch and Locavore will find respectful seafood restaurants and seasonally food grown nearby.

To stay tuned about latest eco-news, Taptu Environment is a type of green Flipboard; to help you counteract climate change deniers, Skeptical Science will provide you with tones of accurate data to help you win the green debate and maybe gain some new green warriors to the cause.

Right after you finish reading this post, try downloading EcoDice; roll the dice to get today’s green task. Every little bit counts.

Are you using any green apps yet? Let us know how are they performing for you!

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