Green living for a better life

By Sergio González | 10:15

Green living is going after the most sustainable materials, aka plants

We are so used to listening to bad news every single day so we may forget that everything in the world is not threatening us. In fact, there are many reasons to be environmentally happy and today we want to share with you the best news for green living, really promising news that will make you be excited about and willing to believe there’s a future for mankind beyond shale gas extraction.

Sustainable construction is looking beyond what seemed impossible and finding many solutions that should no longer go unnoticed because they’re awesome. 

Mexico DF is one of the most polluted cities in the world -breathing here is compared to smoking 60 cigarettes a day. However, this may soon change thank to Prosolve, 3D architectural tiles that eat smog, depolluting nearby streets and buildings.

Installed on the facade of GEA Hospital, this beautiful embellishment is coated with titanium dioxide (TiO2), an element activated by ultraviolet rays, aka daylight, that literally eats pollution, breaking the smog into other dioxides and water.

Heating our homes usually takes a good portion of our budget but in Germany they have successfully tried an algae based heating system that is virtually reducing it to zero. Large panels of water rich in green algae cover the surface of the building and just by bare exposition to sun the photosynthesis naturally performed by these plants is more than enough to heat a 15-apartments block. 

As if saving the planet and cutting down the heating bill wasn’t enough, these algae -powered buildings are also able to store the heat harvested during summer-time to warm winter days and also the waste is edible, rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Sounds strange but seriously promising. 

In the French city of Lyon, home for many polluting industries, environmental construction is on the same page; coating our buildings with green plants seems the future to come. They have already conducted successful tests in underground car parks. Conducting the smog from exhausts into pipes, the pollution reaches twelve different green walls that treat it from every angle. Plants absorb the CO2 instead of releasing it into the air and the soil, naturally rich in bacteria, filters and destroys 70% of the chemical contaminants. 

Wall plants are not intended to change the polluting of a city in a large scale but they can really make a difference for people living nearby. Workers of motorway toll booths breathe every day the smog from thousands of cars and trucks, posing a hazard to their health, but in Paris they have come up with a simple cheap solution thanks to plant cubes that not only diminish the general pollution in the area but also bring clean fresh oxygen into the booths once conducted through pipes. 

It seems that environmental construction is going through a natural revolution, using plants and bacteria to prevent us from breathing dangerous smoke, it may be a good idea to invite some new plants into our home. Before starting a DIY green wall, take into account that plants produce CO2 at nights, so keep that in mind before planting up your bedroom.

Anyway, the future couldn’t be any greener, and we can’t help but being extremely happy about it. Besides, it’s opening many new business opportunities everywhere, especially in countries like China or Mexico, where pollution is at all times high.

Photo credit: loopzilla


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