Have you ever slept in a palace?

By Sergio González | 11:59

NH Palacio de Oquendo, Caceres (Spain)

Have you ever slept in a palace? If not, just do it -it’s something we all deserve at least once in life. Easier said than done, sleeping in a castle or a palace may be a little difficult unless you are friends with royalty or read this post about some of our very own NH Hoteles that were once palaces. Sorry, Rapunzel, but this room is mine! 

Extremadura is one of the lesser known region in Spain, yet it’s very interesting. This is the land where Pizarro or Hernán Cortés were born. Extremadura seems frozen in time, and it’s one of the few places in Spain where you can still get the slow 19th century romantic idea you may bearing in mind when visiting the country.

Cáceres is on of the two capital in the region and is also a UNESCO World Heritage. Its Old Town is one of a kind, full of towers, walled squares, Jewish palaces, Christian noble houses and Muslim gardens everywhere .Very well preserved, Cáceres has also won several other international prizes crediting its breathtaking beauty. Don’t miss the third best architectural complex in Europe -after Tallinn and Prague- as voted by the EU itself in 1968.

Your palace in Cáceres is NH Palacio de Oquendo. Built in the late Middle Ages, it served as a castle in trouble times as many other noble buildings in Cáceres, so its walls hard sturdy and full of character. However, Humanism from Da Vinci’s Italy and gold and silver from America started to flock into the city and interiors become a fast for senses. Fit to 21st century comfort, NH Palacio de Oquendostill offers traditional vaulted patios where you can enjoy a late afternoon glass of wine.


NH Palacio de Oriol in Santurce (Bilbao, Spain)

Prosperity is needed in order to build a palace worth that name and NH Palacio de Oriol in Santurce (Bilbao, Spain) got its charm from the industrial revolution. As many other seaside holiday resorts in the North Atlantic Ocean that thrived with manufactured money in the 19th century, like Biarritz in France or The Hamptons in NY, NH Palacio de Oriol is new luxury, willing to let you enjoy the finest pleasures of life. In Bilbao, expect the exquisite food, there are 40 Michelin star restaurants around, boutiques, mixed with a relaxing and classy environment.

The NH Palacio de Oriol was built in 1902 by a self-made man who brought the railway advance to this land and married the daughter of a marquis. This gray and white princess castle was his gift to his bride.

The place is charmed with the love inspired by this couple and a walk in the surrounding gardens or sharing a blanket and a delicious breakfast over the sea with your partner will make your romantic getaway perfect. Treat yourselves as royalty and surprise your partner with a fairy-tale accommodation for far less than what Rumpelstiltskin would ask for. 

NH Palacio de Ferrera

NH Palacio de Ferreraformer palace of the Marquis de Ferrera in Avilés, Spain is an impeccably converted 17th century palace located right in the heart of the old town on the city’s main square. Get swept aways by its impecable charm with bright and spacious rooms overlooking the beautiful French Garden. It’s the ideal choice for enjoying the Niemeyer Cultural Center and discovering the rich architectural and monumental heritage of this attractive city. 

The NH Palacio de Ferrera recently celebrated its ten year anniversary, a decade of life with a total of five stars to add to the four centuries of history  in one of the most unique buildings Avilés. To commemorate the date, the establishment is collaborated with the Municipal Conservatory of Music, which in 2013 celebrated its thirtieth anniversary, to entertain customers with wind and string concerts. 

Have you ever stayed in a palace? 

Photo credit: Aidel Díaz


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