How to Wake up to a better day

By Sergio González | 11:20

Wake up to a better world has been our motto for many years and though it may seem we are aiming high, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, in this case, waking up to a better day. Here’s how you can make your mornings the best time of day.

If you believe it’s going to be a great day you are already adding up to it, but there’s a lot more we can do to start off our mornings on the right foot than just wishing it. Our mindset is very important, but so is our physical condition. As a nerdy trend-setter would put it: no matter how cool your software is if no proper hardware can handle it.

A good day always begins the night before, with a goodnight’s sleep. There are all kind of studies out there trying to lure us into the self-claimed best sleeping timings and hours, but when in doubt, please make use of your common sense and get to know your own sleeping time.

During the amount of hours you and your alarm clock have decided it’s best to sleep, your body has been deprived of nutrients and activity, and it needs them urgently when you wake up. Many languages, including English, agreed to name the first meal of the day for what it is, the break of a fast.

A large glass of water right before opening your eyes will get your metabolism going and will hydrate your thirsty body. If you just can’t do this, have an apple; they are over 80% water and can wake you up as much as coffee, without the cooldown effect we try to fight with more cups.

Coffee is, along with tea, one of the most popular breakfast drinks, so they are pretty often the object of scientific studies. At the end of 2013, we finally got one to help us deal with increasing coffee intake.

Long story short, we shouldn’t have coffee before 9 am to get the most out of its boosting effect. Our body runs on its own hormone-driven clock, the circadian system, which works 24/7. Cortisol is the hormone in charge of regulating sleep and making us feel alert, and it’s naturally produced by our bodies, peaking between 8 am and 9 am. If we put caffeine into our system when cortisol is flowing, we can barely feel any of its effects.

We all have different schedules and morning routines of our own but it’s important to have breakfast within the first hour of waking up for the same breaking-the-fast reason but also to help regulate our eating schedules.

You know that at NH we love healthy food as much as you do, so we are bringing anti-ox breakfast to more NH hotels every day: fresh fruit and juices, anti-aging teas, gluten-free carbs and many more healthy choices. However, since you are on holidays and calories don’t count abroad, you can try a traditional breakfast and indulge yourself in a tasty peccadillo. Order it in your room and enjoy it while you watch a breathtaking sunrise, simply the perfect way to start you day!

photo credit: Bruce Martin


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