Iconic New York

The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, one of the most famous places in New York

Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today, I want to be a part of it, concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do now you’re in New York.

Frank (Sinatra) and Alicia (Keys) have it pretty clear: ain’t no place like NY, probably the most iconic city in the world. But sometimes the most is not enough, so today we are having a look at the most famous places in NY, the most iconic and filmed place itself. Meta much?

Absolutely the most famous statue in the world, the Statue of Liberty is nowadays the symbol of America and a must visit in NY; you can catch a free ferry from Staten Island to get there.

It is known it was a present from the French government in 1886, to commemorate the first century of American independence.

Its full name is Liberty Enlightening the World, hence the torch in her right arm. The liberty part comes from the tablet she’s holding, in which it’s written the date of American Declaration of Independence (4th July, 1776), and a broken chain around her feet. When kings were still being authoritarians in Europe, immigrants to America first saw liberty as their new destination. It’s the American symbol.

The Charging Bull

The Charging Bull, preferred film location in New York during the 80’s financial prosperity

Near Wall Street lies a big bronze statue, the Charging Bull, tourist’s choice since 1989. This statue depicts the fierce and strength of financial optimism and aggressive prosperity -with its head lowered, it seems it is about to charge against any financial problem. Actually it was installed after 1987 stock market crash, but now ordered by NY City. It was an act of guerilla art and home to many New York film locations.

Its creator, Di Modica, had it installed during 1989 Christmas in one night, as a present for the city. Without due allowance, NY police confined the statue, but only to anger NY citizens and tourists, who defended fiercely the symbol of NY power. City Council listened and they placed the statue where it is now, in Bowling Green Park, though it still belongs to Di Modica -and it’s for sale, if you want it.

Brooklyn Brdige

No New York holidays are complete without peeking at Brooklyn Bridge

There are other several interesting landmarks in Wall Street area, such as the Federal Hall and NY Stock Exchange (both neoclassical buildings depicting Greek columns and influence) and some skyscrapers from the 20’s and 30’s, all art deco and also touched by former times, such as 14 Wall Street (a building with a pyramid on top of it, almost like the Campanile in Venice) or 40 Wall Street, commonly known as Trump Building, as it belongs to this gazillionaire man.

Architecture from the begining of 20th century is a  tacit NY landmark in itself – Empire State, Chrysler Building or Rockefeller Center are perfect examples, but don’t forget to twist up your neck around Central Park to grasp the art deco buildings around it, such as the Majestic Apartments or the San Remo Residence.

Times Square

Times Square boasts some of the most famous buildings in New York

As you know, this is where the richest people in America live, breath and shop (check out the exquisite stores in Park Avenue or the Fifth with Madison) and if you want a slice of this, we can help you. Do you want to wake up in a city that doesn’t sleep? Jolly Madison Towers hotel -dressed in exquisite art deco and modern facilities- is right there waiting for you to live the iconic New York holidays. Close to Grand Central Station –another NY landmark– it also next to MoMA and scenic Bryant Park. If you watched Sex and the City, expect a déjà vu.

We could keep on talking for hours about famous places in New York (Brooklyn Bridge, Upper East Side, etc), but let’s wrap it up with Times Square, the most visited placed in the USA (45 million visitors a year) and Broadway, where the best things to do in New York can happen, concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

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