Iconic NY junk bites

By Sergio González | 12:02

Top New York food icon, hot-dogs from Gray’s Papaya

Certainly New York is a place where you can enjoy the finest gastronomy from all over the world, and fast food is not meant for every day but sometimes it’s just nice to try the forbidden fruit. The Big Apple offers tons of super sized food we can’t help but dreaming about.

From greasy huge slices of pizza to family-size hot dogs, New York food is not for the shy foodie. This city was built by hard-working men and women who expected to be fed properly and profusely. As the perfect fast yet strong meal to help New Yorkers through the working day, very stuffed subs were soon very popular after they were created in the turn of the century.

The key, though, is still the same: two slices of cheese directly touching the bread will prevent it from getting soggy.

Try a meat-balls sub with delicious tomato sauce and as much creamy melted cheese as you want. It will make your time in NY almost magic.

There are actually many names for sandwiches in NY -subs, hoagies, grinders or heroes- but all of them mean tons of fun and will totally help you recover after a long day touring around the city.

However, not everybody is happy with these giant portions and a hot debate arose early this year when NYC mayor, Michael Bloomberg, passed a regulation to ban giant sodas (larger than 16 ozs), which New Yorkers seem to be opposing fiercely. So far you still can decide whatever size you want.

New York is a street fast food heaven, and you already know from your favorite TV shows that you must have a bite from a food truck. Pretzels and falafel are a good option to keep you up with visiting the city. And obviously hot-dogs.

One of these would be Gray’s Papaya. A famous late-dining place (open 24/7) with cheap but quality hot-dogs and tropical drinks. It’s most recently remembered from its many references in the How I met your Mother show but we’ve seen Michael J. Fox, Meg Ryan or Salma Hayek eat on the screen at this iconic location.

If you are up for a sweet treat, Magnolia Bakery, the cake-shop where the girls from Sex in the City hung out is still a thing, but for the trendiest sweet-teeth, the cronut is your Mecca.

Bagels are very popular in the city you’ll be flooded with so many options. Such a simple treat should be easy to master though it’s precise and delicious simplicity which makes them so special and hard to nail. Don’t play the bagel Russian roulette and hear the word from people who feed on them every day.

Try the old arrive-really-early to enjoy your iconic food in New York at the most famous junctions without all the waiting around. And remember that food trucks also exist so you can eat on the go! 

Food trucks are the perfect place to taste iconic New York food

Pizza may have its origins in Italy but American pizza is a genre in itself. As we don’t play favorites with food, we love you all, dear pizzas of the world.

In New York, though Napoletan pizza slices for a dollar are trendy, we still can find the old-school pizza spots that gave NY its fame as a pizza paradise, with thick crusty bases and tons of creamy cheese.

Every trendy traveler and visitor interested in getting a hint of the latest and coolest NYC should get to Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Sadly, there’s no chance to visit Caroline and Max’s cupcake store from the 2 Broke Girls sitcom, but there are still some interesting fast bites in the area. Don’t miss the arepas from Caracas Bar -easy on the spicy yellow sauce-, the tacos from Dos Toros or get a more traditional beef burger at Pop’s.

And you? What are you favorite iconic bites in NYC?

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