Ideas for an efficient workspace

messy workspace

This is where we start; a ‘caution’ yellow tape should be in order

For many of us a clean and clear efficient workspace is the goal to being efficient, once you feel productive and ready for hardwork just by looking at it. For others, like many famous creative people, an efficient workspace means having all their stuff around, deep in their own world. Which kind are you?

While ideally we should have tons of natural light coming in, we hardly ever get to choose our exact working spot so let’s work out what we’ve got. Change your lighting into full spectrum bulbs; they offer the closest thing to sun lights. Needless to say, your source of light must be on your left if you are right-handed, shift if left-handed: you don’t want your own body to cast shadows on your keyboard. Our eyes suffer enough from screen exposure, don’t force them into worse conditions.

They say a clean house is a clear mind but Harry Potter’s professor, Mr. Dumbledore, also taught us that death is the sole adventure left for a too well-organized mind. All this in mind, let’s arrange our efficient workspace to be fun as well, just in case.

If you are an entrepreneur who works at home, you enjoy total freedom to arrange your workspace at your pleasing, though you also may be a little short on money to spend in these trinkets, like furniture; DIY is the answer. Build up the easiest and cheapest yet coolest bookshelf with crates, much better than the old cement block and lumber design you had in college.

Paper was projected to have disappeared some decades ago but it stubbornly refuses to leave the office. Working with paper mean having staplers, clips, folders, post-its and all sorts of scary tiny things that can clog our workspace if not properly handled. Join the DIY culture to figure something out because the provided pen holder is clearly not enough.

clean efficient workspace

And this is a efficient workspace, ready to ‘enjoy’

If you have really small things around, like tacks or rubber bands, spice racks can work wonders -there’s a little risk of ending up with your stuff smelling like cinnamon or pepper. For the tiniest of them all, try ice cube trays.

Wires are a problem on their own and must be treated with respect. Try keeping them in place with some cheap adhesive tape and they will rebel in revenge. For practical workers looking for a efficient workspace, a simple hook under the desk can tame those crazy wires; try binder clips if you don’t want to destroy your company’s property. Get yourself a cute holder or edgy organizer to add your own style. Anyway, don’t forget to label them as their number increase.


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