If you are traveling, don’t fret!

By Sergio González | 13:33

Get in shape while traveling by taking the stairs!

Living a healthy life isn’t some trend to hop on and off as you please; quinoa and deep fried chicken in the same day can confuse your body. And being far from home doesn’t mean an allowance to leave our health back there.

Hotel gyms started timidly for frequent travelers and hard working yuppies back in the furious 80s, but nowadays we all travel a lot and letting go for a whole week or two isn’t a good idea. However, there are many other ways we can take care of our health while traveling.

Get in touch with local runners. Choosing a downtown open park in the morning seems a good jogging idea while on a trip but maybe you just don’t feel like running solo in a strange city. Running isn’t your thing? What about touring London with a bunch of fellow rollerbladers? And wait for the meal, totally local and healthy, you are having afterwards.

Skip public transportation. Unless you are picking a London bus or the tram in Lisbon as part of the to-do things, enjoy the city on foot or cycle around. How else can you discover beautiful secret corners? By bus? Get yourself a pair of sneakers that don’t scream ‘jogging’ and enjoy our beautiful world. You’ll surely end up tired but make good use of them. 

Watch your mouth. Tasting traditional local cuisine is one of the best things around when traveling, but ‘traditional’ usually means saturated fat and tons of salt. Allow yourself one day to bite on these treats but look for the healthier section of menus the rest of days. If you’re traveling through Eastern Asia or any Mediterranean country, dig into the crunchy, savory endless world of local veggies.

Fitness & Wellness area at NH Amsterdam Centre 

How to deal with plane food? Shall we bring some or buy an overpriced sandwich? So far, nobody has found a solution to this excruciating dilemma; unless you are flying through Heathrow and can go to Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food (T5). Thank us later.

Know where to put your money. Ok, maybe, just maybe, you don’t need to see a sixth museum. The Museum of Butterflies and Insects, you say? Ok, enough! Not posting every sight of your trip isn’t going to kill you but your partner/family/friends are; for sure. Get it together and buy everybody the beauty treatmentor Thai massage you never have at home. And call room service, you all deserve it.

Go to a park. In your comfy wear to exercise a little or looking totally awesome with a picnic blanket. It’s the perfect morning for the third or fourth day of your vacation. After an antiox breakfast, you go relax and breathe clean air in a beautiful city green lung. If your luggage has brought you to Europe, here are some parks where to do some yoga, dare to join the capoeira guys and their crazy beautiful moves or just enjoy a simple but empowering walk.

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