#IGerslondon spread happiness through the streets of London

By Courtney Imel | 10:15

London is the second most “unfriendly” city after Paris, according to many sociological studie. Under its lead coloured skies, gray concrete skyscrapers and the tide of serious businessmen in suits, it never seems to be a good time for a smile! In the city of rush, the “Londoners” walk through the streets avoiding eye contact. Tightly anchored to remain anonymous, no one is willing to leave the burrow and interact.

Therefore, with the laudable mission to spread kindness, sympathy and good cheer for the British capital, a group of 30 Instagramers bursted onto the streets of London on Saturday for the so-called London Instameet. Anything is worth the possibility of sparking a smile on the faces of the passersby. Dressed in extravagant hats, masks, British flags and flashy yellow balloons, the affable Instagram loving community, in collaboration with the Deparment of Friendliness, managed to create a warm atmosphere of happiness and joy that were spread out through Oxford Circus to Piccadilly. 

“You are wonderful, beautiful shoes, London, give me a hug” were just some of the messages could be read on the banners carried by the Instagramers and were undoubtedly the most effective tool to capture public attention and interest in this laudable activity. As the parade of Instagramers passed through Regent Street it became the center of attention and even merchants and store clerks left their posts to find out what was happening in the street. Those who had not finished the week on a good foot or, perhaps, Saturday was not their best day managed to escape for a few minutes and realize that laughter is the best medicine

Every smile, every hug, every gesture has been captured in the 380 snapshots in which Instagramers wanted to transmit this day. They don’t only just love photography, but the fact of sharing and customizing photos. The best photos will become part of an exhibition at the Getty Gallery in central London after the completion of the Olympic Games.

Once their mission was completed, the Instagramers took a bus to continue exploring the city searching for the best “hotspots” to take more fun and original pictures. The last stop was at the NH Kensington, where there was a party held for the Instagramers to share highlights of the day. In short, it was a unique alternative to sweeten the sour nature of Londoners. 


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