In with the new: Karim Rashid re-designs nhow Milano bar

By Courtney Imel | 9:42

nhow Milano bar designed by Karim Rashid

The nhow Milano is waiting for you right in the heart of Milan’s fashion district and offers inspired fusion between fashion, original design, and elegance. 

You won’t want to miss the recent new redesign of the nhow Milano bar by  renowned designer Karim Rashid. Coinciding with Fuorisalone 2013, the project involved four design companies, that have already worked with the designer, to produce innovative and exclusive interior design objects and artworks that make up the new nhow Milano bar

A revolution within the core of nhow Milano: a fusion of art and design, an extraordinary place speaking in terms of innovative, striking and constantly evolving voice. Fuorisalone 2013 marked by renovation, starting from the bar area spaces which underwent a true evolution in the hands of famed New York designer Karim Rashid

The dynamic designer explains his inspiration behind the exclusive restyling of the nhow Milano bar: 

“After spending many nights staying at nhow Milano, I thought it would be interesting to subtly change the bar where I have had countless meetings, cappuccinos, interviews and glasses of wine.” 

“I wanted to create a sense of positive energy by furnishing the bar in my new designs from Spain, Portugal and Italy. I added new works that bring a sense of connectivity, like a conduit for meeting, deal making, engaging and flirting, with colors, forms and materials that speaks about the digital age, making the bar a microcosm, a human global intersection.”

Casamania ‘Kant’ stools in orange designed at Karim Rashid

Rashid worked with four other design companies to create his masterpiece, he explains: 

“nhow Milano has a consistent theme of orange throughout their hotel branding. I chose to highlight this theme throughout the bar by keeping a minimal color scheme of white, orange, chrome, gold with an accent of lime. I’ve included the trumpet shaped Axo Light ‘Nafir’ lamps in white/gold, Casamania ‘Kant’ stools in orange and the Redi ‘Kat’ chairs in lime. The ‘Tak’ tables by Redi have been customized with unique graphics printed with HP’s digital technology. To continue the graphics and color scheme throughout the space, HP has created custom films I designed to apply to the bar mirrors.” 

A cosmopolitan and innovative ambience distinguishes the nhow Milano Bar, the ideal setting for an international clientele, where creativity and quality meet. The bar also offers a selection of food to be tasted anytime during the day: from breakfast to a quick, yet tasty, cold or hot, lunch or dinner. nhow bartenders will prepare delicious traditional and sensational mixed drinks and amaze you with unique recommendations during cocktail hour.

‘Tak’ tables by Redi designed by Karim Rashid

What do you think of the new and improved nhow Milano bar? 

If you’re craving more of Karim Rashid’s designs, you may want to check out the interior “Pop Art” design at sister hotel nhow Berlin. By just entering the lobby you will get lost among an array of bubbly and bright  fresh colored rounded forms and clear lines which create spaces that are much more appealing than a simple four walls and a ceiling. The exaggerated, playful and exuberant designs are meant to allow the beholder to enter another world for the duration of their stay while acting as a backdrop for creative inspiration. When designing the nhow Berlin, he was constantly reminded of the essence of Berlin as a city, music and rhythm.


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