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Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay are the inspiration for Sky-Terra hotel in the air

Tourism is currently the third biggest industry -second after food one if you dismiss illegal businesses- and is projected to keep on growing steadily as our interest to discover our amazing world keeps rising.

Planes the size of a skyscraper will soon be getting us from here to there, but what about hotels? How is futuristic architecture going to affect accommodation? Is Dubai craziness setting the trend?

One thing you can take for granted in future modern hotels, as certain as future can be, is that hotels will no longer just be such but whole touristic centers where you’ll only leave the complex if you really want to. And you want, because that’s traveling.

Another pillar for futuristic architecture applied to hotels is going green, and then, greener and greener. Building up by the rules of energy saving and non-polluting materials not only lowers drastically maintenance costs but it’s also a demand from travelers that doesn’t seem willing to go back.

The more pressure we put into our cities, jobs and everyday life, the more our vacation will shift toward building well-being oasis, free of any chemical elements and soon to be consider some sort of new temples to regain peace and tranquility.

China and the Arabian regions are going for the taller, the better and the shinier, the more appealing, trying to make space for the millions of tourists they are expecting to arrive to their shores. Some designs are tawdrier -sorry, bolder- than others but they all share large amount of crystal and steel. For people living in the country-side -if any there’s still anyone at all- it may be a cool change, but for urbanites it may not be so appealing.

However, China is holding some aces in the sleeve, like the Songjiang Hotel, a project that should have already be built, attaching a five-star building to an old quarry. Once water is pumped and gardens are in place, it will be like sleeping inside a waterfall, pretty much like the cocoons in 2002 film The Time Machine. And we should also credit Dubai for the coolest swimming-pools, made of transparent Plexiglas and hanging several meters over the edge of the building; make sure you’re wearing your best swimwear.

Going green necessarily interjects with natural design, and shaping futuristic architecture looks back to the most perfect structures mankind knows, aka Mother Nature’s work. America is looking towards the opposite direction, building modern hotels that even though they follow every principle of futuristic architecture, they try to get integrated into the overwhelming natural richness of Mexico, Brazil or French Guyana.


Meet the future now in Nhow Berlin hotel

Anyway, if these Herculean projects will go through –most of them are still in architects’ dreams and in 3D graphics on the Internet– is to be seen, and they should abide some serious issues, like the Death Ray in Vdara Hotel in Vegas. This skyscraper is so shinny and polished that sunrays bounce off its facade directly into the swimming-pool area. Burning plastic glasses and flaming guests’ hair have already been reported.

If you really want to know how future accommodation will be, you should stop looking up on the Internet and get yourself a good telescope, because Mars is the next step.

Mars One is actually is intended to be a permanent colony but if tourism has proved itself as a pretty reliable source of income for terrestrial cities, why shouldn’t it work for the red planet. As you can guess, a trip to Mars and a double ensuite is not going to be cheap but before you put away this dream, keep in mind that the project is carried away by a media corporation so a Reality TV show is projected to happen, and they are casting right now. However, there is one down-side: it’s only a single trip.

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