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By Sergio González | 16:07

One could think that everything has already been invented in modern housing design and we shouldn’t even be talking about modernity at all, but there are so many new things coming out that we may want to rethink our interior design ideas. Otherwise, we could be missing the promising possibilities that many different things such as 3D printing, living algae or future house factories could bring to our homes.

3D printing seemed more like science fiction a decade ago but in 2013 we saw the first real objects coming to life, and all odds are in its favor that its here to stay. Several room-size prototypes were shown throughout 2013 as a sneak-peek into the future of 3D printing. Are we ready to literally download a sofa into our living room? We should be because as bold and crazy as it may sound, there are already people trying to 3D-print entire houses. Intrigued? Watch the video below and check it out!

The boldest visionary architects and urban planners foresee future neighborhoods clustered with prefabricated houses, but before you cry at the vision of  gray boring housing blocks, concrete may be disappeaing for good. The future of prefab homes belongs to glass, and the fab part is because they are also fabulous. Let’s take a deep breath and look at the advantages.

Modern prefab homes are manufactured off-site and most of their parts come from assembly lines, reducing drastically the price tag and making it possible for designers to go crazy with details. They all are designed to be eco-friendly and many prefab homes tend to be also self-sufficient.

Postmodernism and futuristic architecture are inspiring modern prefab homes which seem to be catching up really quickly all around the world. The Cool Hunter held two massive exhibits in Melbourne and Sydney showing a prefab home with designer furniture and accessories “to realize the incredible housing potential of The Cool House concept”.

Huf Haus and other European companies are pulling off the most beautiful glass prefab homes you can imagine. In the USA, there are several companies which find inspiration in Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture to design cutting-edges prefab homes, which are totally eco-friendly.

Being sustainable and conscious about our planet has long surpassed its status as a trend and it’s part of who we are which obviously must have some sort of impact on modern dwellings. Green walls or livings walls are now the freshest trend you can bring home and are not only enjoyed in public spaces, but we are learning many other respectful ways to put Mother Nature to good use at our homes. Check out this futuristic project in Germany where they are using green algae to heat a whole building.

Besides taking advantage of sun or wind to power our homes, inviting nature inside is the next big thing in modern housing design. Forget about that lonely, dehydrated cactus on the shelf and try to remember any of the last sci-fi blockbusters of the past years. Architecture is heading towards a post-industrial society where the edgiest technology lives side-by-side with green spaces and plants everywhere. Literally everywhere because the narrow on-ground possibilities of big cities have architects designing gardens and pools above it.

“Mom, can I go to the park?”

“Yes sweetie, but take the elevator because they are cleaning the stairs right now.” Can you imagine it? How do you think housing design will evolve? 

Photo credit: THREESIXTY Torino


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